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Goodbye e-mail CC. Team collaboration can be efficient and fun, now.

Sending and receiving emails with dozens of people on CC can be annoying and time-consuming. On the other hand, email filters might prevent your email from reaching the intended recipient, even if the message is important.

With VNCcast – the Social Enterprise tool – email hassles will be history. Sharing ideas with subscribers, concerning defined topics, and posting ideas and comments to “topic” streams will activate the crowd intelligence of your company’s network.

Activate the crowd intelligence within your network.

VNCcast enables you to collaborate with internal and external users – and even with your customers.
You will be amazed about the level of feedback and innovation, which is created within this form of collaboration. Email means targeting only a few people, whom you believe would be your correct communication partners.

With Enterprise Social Media like VNCcast it is fascinating to experience who else will get back to you with great ideas and feedback. Drive innovation in your organization with this revolutionary way of communication. Use Enterprise Social Media as a glue to keep your Virtual Organisation vivid and dynamic.

Main Features:

  • Internal Topics: Post your ideas to predefined areas like marketing, product, business development, accounting etc.
  • Public Topics: Share and discuss with partners, suppliers or customers via public Topics
  • Add text to topics:
 Address all people who have access to this given topic
  • Notification: Notify people via email notifications by just typing @user / @group
  • Attachments: Add files from your device or from the natively integrated VNCportal content store
  • Set time limits: Share content from date-time and retract content from date-time
  • Set access limits: Limit messages or comments to a subset of users subscribed to a topic
  • Notify specific user groups: Ping users with certain parameters stored in their profile like: country, Skill set (marketing, Java, sales, etc.) or interests (e.g.: swimming, cycling, etc.)
  • Connect messages: Link to existing messages or comments
  • #hashtags: Use #hashtags for any keyword for easy retrieval
  • Power search: To retrieve any kind of message or comment by keyword, user, hashtag, etc.

Read more about VNCcast on VNClagoon or purchase it directly in our VNC Shop!

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