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Contact and address management


Why waste time with scrolling through your contacts on your phone, when you can have a fully equipped contact management? VNCcontacts helps you to manage all your contacts fast, easily and extends your communication options. You can call or text your contacts directly and you can also use all options from your VNClagoon products straight from the contact details, e.g. chat, video or voice calls.

With its clear design VNCcontacts makes it really easy to manage as many contacts as you can imagine. And because it‘s also available as an app, you can access your contacts wherever you go.


Many contact details:

Create contacts with name, title, contact information for private and business purposes, with a picture and various email addresses. Extend the contact details with messenger IDs or postal addresses, website, additional notes and birthday. Thereby, you gather all the important information in one place.

at a glance.

Key Features:

  • fast and easy creation of new contacts 
  • group contacts in folders
  • move contacts between folders
  • easy earmarking of favorite contacts
  • great overview via individual contact lists; filter and sort by criteria
  • import, export and print (e.g. as PDF) saved contact lists (.csv files)
  • add, change and remove your profile photo
  • granular contact search
  • different contact options at once: VNCtalk call, VNCtalk video call, chat or VNCtask. And VNCmail with all email options. 
  • Language support in English and German

All available information for contacts:

  • first and last name
  • work address email address and phone number(s)
  • private address, email address and phone number(s)
  • instant messenger details
  • website
  • birthday, anniversary and custom date
  • additional notes 
  • create further details


All available actions from the contact page:

  • write emails with VNCmail
  • VNCtalk call
  • VNCtalk video call
  • VNCtalk chat
  • create a task for the contact with VNCtask
  • share a file in VNCsafe with the contact
  • send a meeting invite 
  • and much more!

VNCcontacs is part of VNClagoon, our integrated stack of secure enterprise collaboration and communication products.

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