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A whole new experience in enterprise communication


Mail is dead! Messengers and Social Collaboration tools are the new way to share ideas and get stuff done.



We still believe in the value of email. But we need to modernize email. And we need to integrate with other communication channels like social media, messenger etc.

This is exactly the reason we invested tremendous resources in VNCmail, which is available as a VNCuxf based desktop client, responsive web client as well as an app for Android and iOS.

VNCmail can be connected to different backend services as we have an abstract Restful API to communicate with e.g. Zimbra, which we consider still the leading open source groupware on the market.

VNCmail follows the Google material design standards and thus looks and feels like Google Inbox. Users get familiar with VNCmail instantaneously without any need to train users.

Just check it out!

at a glance.

VNCmail is a powerful email app for your Zimbra mailbox.


Why you should use VNCmail:

  • modern frontend for your Zimbra mailbox
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • connects to your Zimbra mailbox
  • no additional installation required
  • comes with all required functionalities
  • available as App and web client
  • open source backend – super secure software
  • secure hosting in Germany


Key Functionalities of VNCmail:

  • full feature set of groupware
  • Inbox: view, answer, forward and delete emails
  • Folders
  • Filters
  • Signatures
  • Color Tags
  • Advanced Search
  • Notifications
  • Settings
  • Timezones and language settings
  • Integration of mobile App and Web App (Pro Version)
  • Collaborate in teams and companies (Pro Version)

VNCmail FREE VERSION is free to download and use for private, individual users.

AttentionVNCmail FREE VERSION is a free hands-on demo, test and trial App within a single user SaaS environment. You can use it with your Zimbra account.

Please be aware that the users’ profile information (user name, avatar) may be visible for other users.

Of course, the client to server communication is encrypted.


You can purchase VNCmail Enterprise for:

  • Elevated privacy levels in closed instances for your organisation or group of users
  • Company accounts with utmost privacy
  • Advanced authentication options
  • Team collaboration features
  • VNCmail App offline functionality
  • Integration of VNCmail App and web client (all common browsers)
  • Full enterprise feature set
  • Flexible hosting options and on premise implementation (you gain complete control of the application and your communication data!)
  • Compliance with severest data privacy regulations (transparent code, secure hosting, open source backend, state of the art frontend, privacy of communication and user data)
  • Customization and branding
  • Individual skinning according to your corporate design
  • Complete onboarding and registration capabilities
  • Sophisticated backend management options
  • Integration with further VNClagoon products and Apps (e.g. single sign-on)
  • And more!

VNCmail is part of VNClagoon, our integrated stack of secure enterprise collaboration and communication products.

Want to know more about the VNC story? Check out our blog.

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