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VNCtask – the easy to use Task Management & To-Do List application. Stay organized. Anytime! Anywhere!

VNCtask  VNCtask

VNCtask is not just another task manager.

VNCtask is more: a powerful manager of tasks, tickets, service desks & projects.

The reason: VNCtask is part of VNCproject, which we built on top of the leading open source ticket and project management technology Redmine.

And even more than that: as we are using VNCproject for our internal software development and service desk, we needed to refine the underlying Redmine massively.

Features like enhanced workload and timesheet management, ITIL service desk, EVM (earned value management) and more have been developed by VNC to be able to use VNCproject as the central tool for our VNCfactory – an integrated software development and management solution. Many of the components used in software development are also beneficial for other industries.

VNCtask in its core version is solving all the issues a single user or any organization will face around task management. Create, delegate, prioritize and plan tasks (or subtasks) are key features.

Furthermore, we allow users to invite external partners to collaborate on given tasks without asking them to buy a version. For simple feedbacks like eg. “due date updates” or “comments” we don’t even need to download an app as we are PWA – progressive Web App enabled

As with all our products, VNCuxf is the frontend technology for VNCtask.

For more complex scenarios we can easily enhance the UI by accessing our backend product VNCproject with its nearly limitless feature set around project management like e.g. EVM (earned value management), Agile and/or waterfall project planning, workload and timesheet management, ITIL service desk and so much more.


VNCtask is an unique tool in the task manager market!

For partners who want to offer their own task management we deliver VNCtask on-premise and OEM, which allows the modification of the UI and UX.

Get back to us with your ideas about further enhancements of VNCtask. You will see, it is quite easy to add more features and functionalities.

Your use of this app is subject to the VNClagoon Products and Apps Terms of Service, which can be found at

at a glance.

VNCtask is a powerful app for professional to-do list and task management.


Why you should use VNCtask:

  • easy and intuitive to use
  • allows quick entry of tasks
  • comes with all required functionalities
  • available as an App and web client
  • open source backend – super secure software
  • secure hosting in Switzerland


Key Functionalities of VNCtask:

  • Create, update, change, delete tasks
  • Set due dates, priorities, tags and more
  • Comments and replies
  • Attachments
  • Track progress
  • Recurring tasks
  • Sub tasks
  • Task reminders
  • Email notifications
  • Task lists, color coded per status
  • Bulk update
  • Sort per criteria
  • Search and saved search
  • Advanced filters
  • Integration of App and web client (all common browsers)
  • Delegation of tasks (Pro Version)
  • Integration with VNCproject (Pro Version)
  • Upgrade options with enterprise features like timesheets, workload, ITIL service desk (Pro Version)
  • Collaboration in teams and companies (Pro Version)

VNCtask – FREE VERSION is free to download and use for private, individual users.


You can purchase a Pro Version for:

  • Team collaboration features
  • Company accounts with utmost privacy
  • Advanced authentication options
  • Unlimited storage
  • Upgrade with enterprise features from VNCproject, our full-blown project and service management, ITIL support desk product
  • Flexible hosting options and on premise implementation (you gain complete control of the application and your data!)
  • Compliance with severest data privacy regulations (transparent code, secure hosting, open source backend, state of the art frontend, privacy of communication and user data)
  • Customization and branding
  • Complete onboarding and registration capabilities
  • Sophisticated backend management options
  • Integration with further VNClagoon products and Apps (e.g. single sign-on)
  • And more!

VNCtask   VNCtask

VNCtask is part of VNClagoon, our integrated stack of secure enterprise collaboration and communication products.

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Your use of this app is subject to the VNClagoon Products and Apps Terms of Service, which can be found at

If you have questions, please get in touch with us at

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