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Business advantages

Performance, flexibility and control.

Our IT infrastructure solutions enable corporations to freely scale their capacity in correspondence to current requirements – without large investment. By virtualizing servers and storage our solutions achieve higher failure safety and reliability, while reducing operation cost by up to 50% on average.

High Performance

The combination of powerful, scalable hardware, secure and highly available hosting and virtualization of servers and storage provides businesses with a maximum of performance, failure safety, reliability and accessibility. Working with VNC also results in a valuable knowledge transfer and know-how insourcing.

Cost Saving up to 50%

For our infrastructure projects we build on world’s leading Open Source components, open standards, easy to manage virtualization options and secure hosting in our own VNCdatacenter in Switzerland. This unique approach does not only guarantee exceptional performance, security and flexibility, but also reduces operating cost by up to 50%, based on our experience from previous projects.

Freedom of Choice

Our infrastructure services follow a consistent Open Source approach which aims at a maximum of autonomy for our clients. Our infrastructure solutions are not only fully customizable to integrate business processes and system environments but are also free of any vendor lock-in, inflexible software licenses or pre-defined structures.

Better Security

Our IT infrastructure solutions meet highest security requirements in terms of hosting, availability, access control, data privacy and encryption for storage and data transfer. The open architecture of our solutions enables corporations a close validation of all source code for compliance with individual security policies.

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