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VNCtalk Training

In this Training by VNC you will learn how to install and manage your VNCtalk environment. This is a live hands-on training giving you the knowledge to handle your business communication solution easily and safely.

This training is designed to increase your effectiveness and save you time in deploying and configuring. You will also learn best practices and methodologies to improve and enhance how your administer VNCtalk.

Current Dates

13. December 2017. 8:30 am – 1:00 pm CET

Duration: 4,5 Hours
Location: Webinar

05. May 2017. 3:00 – 7:30 pm CET

Duration: 4,5 Hours
Location: Webinar

Training Agenda

VNCtalk Training

Contents of the Training

Part 1: Install Zimbra Collaboration Server on first Virtual Machine

  1. Go through the ZCS installer
  2. Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for ZCS Server
  3. Verify Mail and Webinterface working
  4. Check for VNCtalk prerequisites
  5. Configure ZCS for VNCtalk

Part 2: Install VNCtalk on second Virtual Machine

  1. Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for Talk Server
  2. Run Installer
  3. Create test users on ZCS Server

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