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“Open source business software provider wants to challenge the big ones”

“If you want the best people for a project, you have to give them the freedom they want.” has published a company portrait of VNC. In an interview, Bernd Rodler, CEO and co-founder, explains why open source is the better choice for businesses of all sizes, the benefits of browser-based user interfaces, and why proprietary software will soon be a thing of the past. Inside-it draws a detailed picture of VNC and describes not only mere numbers but also the approach of the “virtual company” and its strengths in software development and the entire industry.

The article was released in German language.

Statt sich der Enge von standardisierten Programmen marktbeherrschender Software-Anbieter wie beispielsweise SAP und Microsoft zu beugen, verspricht Virtual Network Consult den Unternehmen eine hundertprozentige Open-Source-Alternative für ihre Business-Software.


Wenn es nach der Virtual Network Consult geht, gibt es in fünf bis zehn Jahren keine proprietäre Software mehr. Der Business-Software-Hersteller auf Open-Source-Basis will die Schweiz zum Produkt- und Projektzentrum machen.

Read the entire interview here.

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