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Enterprise collaboration software


Enterprise collaboration software

Product Description

VNCcommander is the central place you need to be perfectly organised. Find, view and manage all your important messages, emails, chats, tasks, appointments and much more in one place! We are confident that VNCcommander – as a part of the VNClagoon stack – offers our partners and customers a super professional and highly secure (GDPR compliant) alternative to Slack and other proprietary collaboration software.

Get your information flow in real time and organise all your various communication, information and collaboration channels. Don’t miss any important contribution of team members or partners and customers.



Customizable Start Page:

To log into and enter the VNClagoon collaboration suite, which is available as web client and also desktop client (Apple, Windows, Linux). The start page gives you quick access to all the products you are subscribed to (VNCmail, VNCtalk, VNCtask, VNCcontacts, VNCcalendar, …). Of course, the authentication will be managed by VNCdirectory in the backend.


Stream view:

Showing all new items from the selected products (with a counter), such as new emails, upcoming tasks or appointments, new chat messages etc. In the stream view you can group and sort the items and use filters to only see emails or chats, for If you have received an email you can read it and compose a reply while you are still offline.


You can tag all items across all products and filter items according to tags.

Global Search:

You will be able to search globally across all connected products, or in selected products or for tagged items, the search also includes attachments.

Global User Profile:

You have access to your user profile from every VNC product.

Create new items across your subscribed products:

Such as a new tasks, mails, chat messages, etc. on the fly.

Powerful Information Hub:

Powerful Information Hub:Seamless integration with VNCmail. All features of VNCsafe within your Groupware.

Highly secure and GDPR compliant:

Can be implemented on-premise as well as hosted in a datacenter of your choice.

Technical documents and documentation

VNCcommander Web Client

The VNCcommander Web Client enables you to access all professional VNCcommander features in the same standard browser as VNCmail or VNCproject, or any other VNClagoon product. So you enter into your entire workspace with your browser, without having to start separate applications for each single activity you’d like to perform. The VNCcommander Web Client runs on any standard browser on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

vnccommander desktop image


We set highest standards in what we do. Just like our clients. That’s why it is so important to us to know what they think about working with VNC and our business solutions.

“With VNCtalk, Zimbra becomes a true collaborative platform. A user can seamlessly chat, share files & collaborate from any device. Great product & company to work with.”

Prashant Mudbidri
Director of Logix InfoSecurity Pvt. Ltd
about VNCtalk

„As part of this project, it was also very important for the representatives of the church that a WhatsApp alternative could be found. Short message services are commonly used, therefore EKBO Dialog was very welcome. “

Fabian Kraetschmer
Head of Unit 1.3 – IT, EKBO
about VNCtalk

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