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Communicate & collaborate securely with anyone, anywhere, any time.

In the era of remote work, it’s business as usual with VNClagoon.

Communicate & collaborate securely with anyone, anywhere, any time.

In the era of remote work, it’s business as usual with VNClagoon.

Why VNClagoon?

Finally, a secure enterprise communication and collaboration solution that can handle the modern ways we work.

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Discover how quickly you can transform your business with messaging, conferencing, projects, mail, contacts, tasks that are all integrated to work together.

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Discover VNClagoon

An unmatched unified suite of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions.

VNClagoon is a suite of integrated communication and collaboration solutions that enable you to think beyond boundaries to create a business environment that conforms to the way your organization works. Mainstream solutions are the opposite of that. Plus, with VNClagoon you pay for only the capability you need.

Take your shared work & digital conversations to the next level

Take your shared work and digital conversations to the next level with:

flexible integrated tools for seamless workflow and communications

complete visibility into all interactions on one central personalized screen

end to end data protection of the highest level

VNClagoon Products are Purpose-Built for Secure Interactions of All Kinds

VNC’s holistic approach to communication and collaboration uses only the most reliable open source technology to deliver a highly secure and flexible business process-centric solution to your organization. It’s the most adopted open source, secure alternative to the established software giants with lower upfront license fees and less ongoing costs.

Automated testing and continuous development leads to bulletproof software

Great products are powered by great technology and great people. Our global experts and simple tools make it easy to take advantage of our powerful technology. In short, we provide a feature-rich, seamless foundation to empower your organization to get things done in a way that’s ideal for work.













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Select the applications you need for messaging, video conferencing, email, groupware, document sharing, task and projects, file sharing and storage needs, or use the entire VNClagoon suite.

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Learn how you can bring your conversations, teamwork and workflows together in one easy-to-use, secure place. Check out our news pages:

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VNClagoon is Proven and Trusted by Many

Our customers are having tens of thousands of secure conversations, video calls, and video events. Plus, they are sending millions of secure emails, managing tasks and projects, and sharing work under the strictest privacy standards.

“VNC and DFB GmbH have been working together intensively for many years. We want to continue and expand this. The DFBnet mailbox developed and implemented by VNC has enormously accelerated and simplified our internal communication. With this, we see ourselves well prepared for future requirements.”

Steffen Iredi, authorized signatory at DFB GmbH and responsible Director Technology & Operations

“With VNCtalk, we have found a solution that fully meets our requirements in terms of security, data sovereignty, functional scope and openness.”

Lucas Schult, CEO of Health Info Net AG

“Our company was looking for a better integrated solution than our current Exchange system. I was tasked to look at any and all available options, test and report back. From my very first email to the most recent one today, the support has been outstanding with quick, concise information and documentation.”

Dale Britt, Hyperline Systems Canada Ltd.

“The federal state church intranet should strengthen communication and cooperation within the state church. The basic aim is to provide all full-time employees and volunteers of the regional church with access to an innovative, modern and unified communication and collaboration infrastructure. The VNClagoon products are particularly well suited for this, because they allow us as a state church – in addition to the many functionalities provided – the possibility of customization options to individual needs within our church. “

Tabea Langguth, Project Manager Landeskirchenweites Intranet, EKBO

“My team and I are very thankful for being able to count on the professional and sophisticated VNC team. VNC has supported us with a series of important projects, always exceeding our high expectations.”

Marius Hjelset, Project Head Hosted Services, Vodafone Group

“With VNC we have gained a partner for whom data security is also a top priority. The integration of VNC’s solutions is fully in line with our best-of-breed strategy. It provides another comprehensive, scalable offering that allows companies to emancipate themselves from US providers and retain complete control over their data.”

Tobias Gerlinger, CEO of ownCloud

“As a specialized IT service provider for research companies, we are consistently developing our product and service portfolio as T-Systems Solutions for Research, focusing on the increasing demands of researchers on products that enhance collaboration and data exchange, enterprise-wide, platform-independent and secure. In this environment, OpenSource-based products are playing an increasingly important role.”

Andreas Nicolai, Head of Solution Center, T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH

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