Hello open-source enthusiasts

Do you want to be part of the leading enterprise business software venture on the planet? You live & love open source as much as we do? You believe that your contribution to open source deserves more than “just a free beer”? Then you are at the right place.


How it works


Apply as an associate

Tell us about your open source business software projects. Where do you see synergies with the VNClagoon project?


Be part of the VNCfactory

Get access to the VNCfactory – a professional CI/CD environment. Your approved code will be embedded into VNClagoon, shared and distributed to VNC partners and customers.


Receive true monetization

You will not just get a donation and some free beer. We make sure your software contribution will trigger sustainable revenues for you.


What kind of allies are we looking for?

Individuals (wanting to connect)

You are a developer of outstanding (business) software? You want to connect and cooperate with smart people around the globe? We believe VNC is the right place for you!

Teams (wanting to leverage their reach)

You are a team of developers focussing on open-source based business software? You want to increase your reach and address new markets? Get connected with VNC – the leading Virtual Organisation!

Individuals (wanting to join the VNC team)

You are a developer of outstanding (business) software? You want to work as a freelancer or an employee in a stable and secure environment? We believe VNC is the organisation to join!


What is so special about VNC?


VNC is a global Virtual Organisation


VNC is developing the leading Open Source based business software stack


VNC teams are interdisciplinary, international, from diverse cultural backgrounds and time-zones


VNC software development is cuttingedge, utilizing newest technologies and therefore always presenting a challenge to developers


VNC follows the principle of “what would be perfect”, not “what could go wrong”


VNC hierachies are defined by competence


VNC values open, transparent communication and processes

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What technologies are we talking about?


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