November 2021

22.11.2021: EU-Cloud: Gaia-X “just another bureaucratic monster”
22.11.2021: EU-Cloud : Gaia-X « juste un autre monstre de bureaucratie »
19.11.2021: Comment: EU-Cloud Gaia-X with Amazon & Co.? A pure fraudulent label!
10.11.2021: VNC Integrates OwnCloud into VNC Lagoon
09.11.2021: Six significant reasons for a common codebase
09.11.2021: VNC integrates ownCloud into VNClagoon 

September 2021

24.09.2021: VNC Donates Helm Charts for ownCloud File Sharing on Kubernetes

June 2021

18.06.2021: VNC lists five Requirements for Secure Collaboration
08.06.2021: The Enterprise Future is Open Source
03.06.2021: We need a holistic solution for efficient cooperation

May 2021

31.05.2021: How companies can prevent a risky growth of communication tools

April 2021

28.04.2021: What does it need pods for? Container technology is virtualization 2.0
20.04.2021: Pipeline Publishing: VNC Introduces VNCchannels
17.04.2021: Pipeline Publishing: Six building blocks for a digitally sovereign Europe

March 2021

24.03.2021: DE24 NEWS: Six building blocks for a digitally sovereign Europe

February 2021

25.02.2021: Enough with the prejudices – open source is secure
18.02.2021: Youtube: DoIT Webinar Building confidential applications on Google Cloud

January 2021

27.01.2021: What exactly was closed source again?
22.01.2021: Open Source from the retro perspective of 2050 – What is Closed Source?

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