One VNCtask can manage all your tasks from any device

VNCtask – Very easy to use Task Management & To Do List application.

VNCtask is designed to remove the complexities of typical Task Management or To Do List tools. With VNCtask being browser based, you can use it virtually from any device – Yes, no more mobile specific App installations. Its highly user centric design makes it very easy to use with powerful features like Recurring Tasks, Powerful Search, Sort, Project Linking.

VNCtask ensures that all tasks are tracked for their timely completion with unique links to projects.

With VNCtask you have the all-in-one solution to manage your To-Do List or Task Management. VNCtask is a web-based task management application, using the latest Angular2 platform.

Typical Task Lifecycle: Tasks typically are created by a user with minimum details. Then they may be linked to a project and get assigned resources working on specific projects. Once a task is completed, the user can mark it as complete.

The menu and all fields within VNCtask provide context sensitive help and tool tips for easy management of VNCtask. VNCtask can be accessed on commonly used web browsers like Firefox / Google Chrome or Safari on laptop or mobile devices. No worry or hassle of syncing the web application or mobile apps.

All features at a Glance


Task Management:

With VNCtask you can create your tasks on the fly. With its unique design creating tasks is very easy. You have to just provide a few details like Start Date, End Date, a Comment and then link the task to a project from the existing list of projects & related User assignments. You can edit the existing tasks from the list of tasks. A task has predefined stages like In Progress, Resolved, Closed, Rejected.

Once a task is completed, the user can mark it as complete. There is also an option to add tasks to your watch list.


Deletion of Tasks:

In VNCtask you can delete a specific task or you can delete multiple tasks at time. It asks for user confirmation before a task can be deleted.


Recurring Tasks:

Many times, in practical scenarios you end up with recurring tasks. How about a solution which helps you to create recurring tasks at one go rather than create them one by one? VNCtask offers you the facility to create recurring tasks with predefined frequencies like daily / weekly / monthly or at a specific day.


Task Search:

VNCtask comes with very powerful search options. You can search tasks based on different parameters like – Start Date, Due Date, Priority, Status. You can also search on the text contained in the task. Even comments can be included in the search criteria.

By default, when a user logs in to VNCtask, it displays a list of pending tasks. A user has several options by which a set of tasks with specific criteria can be displayed.


Task Notification:

VNCtask provides an option to set notifications, which can be either email or browser based notifications. Once enabled, the user receives notifications if there is any change in a task – for example a change of status or any other change in a task. This ensures that task owners are continuously updated with the current progress.


Task Settings:

A user can set preferences within the VNCtask application. These are account settings, reminders, notifications. A user can change the existing password for VNCtask through the change password option.

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