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IOM: Inter-Organization

Distributed VNCtalk instances
for secure communication

IOM: Inter-Organization

Distributed VNCtalk instances for secure communication

Distributed messenger instances

VNCiom is the Inter-Organisation Messenger within VNCtalk. It allows VNCtalk customers to setup a “distributed messenger”.

Imagine you are member of Organization A. You are using VNCtalk within this environment since quite some time, thereby reducing the email flood significantly and communicating with your team mates much closer and with increased productivity.
Wouldn’t it be great to use the same tool for your contact to “the outside world”?

VNCiom is exactly about this scenario.
Your administrator can get in contact with Organization B and link them to Organization A, thus to your organization.

Now each time you want to start a chat, audio or video call, you can simply search the respective user in Organization B and start “VNCtalking”.

And the data stay on the server of the Organization of the user who initiates the communication.


Organization A to Org B, Org C… Org N

The VNCiom metaservice connects different organizations, companies and institutions.


VNCiom also allows you to interconnect dispersed instances of VNCtalk. This can be done directly between two VNCtalk implementations. Alternatively, you can deploy an IOM metaservice to provide a secure instance which relays your communication requests.

This metaservice can be hosted at the location of your choice and can be audited to ensure top-level security and privacy.

The VNCiom direct link provides a straight connection between two organizations.

Inter-Organization Communication

Distributed VNCtalk instances for secure communication

Server of your Choice

Hosted wherever you want: On Premise, Private or Public Cloud

Open Source

Auditable Code and seamless integration


Customize and extend features with further VNClagoon products

Start Chat, Audio and Video Calls from your Environment to the Outside World

Vizualisation of the VNCiom metaservice: The Metaservice connects organizations and individual users

The VNCiom metaservice makes it possible to invite external individuals, e.g. customers or partners, to a chat or video conference.

Your distributed messenger

Imagine you want to invite a customer or partner to a chat without linking your entire organization with their organization – as they might be individuals for instance.

Simply ask your contact person to quickly download VNCtalk from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and install it.
Then he can simply share his VNCtalk ID with you and you can start “VNCtalkIng” with him as well.


VNClagoon is an unmatched unified suite of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions.

Distributed Messenger

Share VNCtalk IDs to connect with people outside your organization. VNCiom also allows you to interconnect dispersed instances of VNCtalk. This can be done directly between two VNCtalk implementations.

Real-Time Business Communication

Chat, video and audio conferencing, broadcasts, screensharing wherever you are! 1:1 or 1:n text chat – and all you need is a browser. Use chats or groupchats to constantly stay in touch with your customers and partners.

Audio & Video Conferencing

1:1 or 1:n video and audio calls with perfect quality and optimized resolution for increased efficiency and productivity. Enhance communication and collaboration with external users!

File Sharing

Send any file formats to your chat partners and manage your received files easily & securely.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing in your browser – no extra tool or plugin required. Pure power of WebRTC.

Fast access on all devices

VNCiom as part of VNCtalk provides acces via App, Desktop Client and Web Client.

Our project Manager Michaela adores VNCiom. A quote from her:

“With the VNCiom feature in VNCtalk you can easily collaborate in projects and coordinate tasks with your customers. Direct feedback via VNCiom usually leads to your goals faster than communicating via emails or telephone. Most questions can be clarified quickly via a live chat and the customer is surprised with immediate answers – pure e-mail communication here usually requires much more patience. In addition, chats can also be used to establish a closer relationship with the customer and the respective company.”

VNCtalk Web Client

Fast access wherever you are

The VNCtalk Web Client enables you to access all professional VNCtalk communication features like chat, audio and video conferences in the same standard browser as VNCmail or VNCproject.

Thus, you enter into your entire workspace with your browser, without having to start separate applications for each single activity you’d like to perform.

The VNCtalk Web Client runs on any standard browser on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

VNCtalk Desktop Client

Installed application on your laptop or PC

The VNCtalk Desktop Client allows you to run VNCtalk as a separate application on your desktop PC – on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Especially when working with lots of open browser tabs, it is useful to have a separate access point for your chats, video conferences and VNCpads.

And of course you have all VNCtalk features available, in any of our frontend clients.

VNCtalk Mobile Client

State-of-the-art frontend technologies for Android, iOS and others.

This modern and easy to use App brings all the benefits of chat, web telephony and video conferencing to your mobile device.

The VNCtalk App is based on Angular and Cordova. This enables us to generate a “real” app from the same code base we are using for the rich web client.

The VNCtalk App is available for Android and iOS. Benefits such as access to hardware features like mobile camera, microphone, data, network status, sensors like GPS etc. are natively embedded into this technology.

And even better: we enabled offline capabilities as well.

Getting Started with VNCtalk

VNC is committed to developing the world’s best stack of best-of-class Enterprise Software products and to providing the very best level of service to customers.

Watch the VNCtalk Introduction Video | 3:24

VNCtalk Documents

Helpful information about VNCtalk

VNCtalk User Manual

Check out the user manual to see all features!
Learn more

Terms of Agreement

VNClagoon Products and Apps – Terms of Service.
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VNCtalk Playlist

VNCtalk video presentations on Youtube.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is VNC?

VNC is a global software corporation that develops open source communication and collaboration applications for large organizations.

VNC – Virtual Network Consult, is based in Switzerland, Germany and India, serving a variety of partners and customers such as enterprises, associations and corporations, telcos and system integrators, financial institutions, NGOs, healthcare providers, government agencies and more.

What is VNClagoon?

VNClagoon is an integrated suite of enterprise applications offering a secure alternative to the established software giants. Now it is possible to collaborate with anyone, from anywhere, on any device, under the strictest privacy standards available while retaining the right to digital sovereignty.

What are the advantages of VNClagoon?

VNClagoon is an unrivaled unified and secure suite of communication and collaboration solutions that offers numerous benefits:

  • flexible, modular and integrated applications for seamless workflows and communications
  • state-of-the-art user interfaces – performant, brandable, customizable: mobile apps, web clients, desktop clients
  • low TCO
  • modular and scalable
  • privacy compliant, transparent and secure -> open source!
  • hosting of your choice (private / public cloud, on premise)
  • granular rights/role management thanks to VNCdirectory
How are vulnerable data protected?

With VNClagoon you can protect sensitive data at the following levels:

  • Hosting of applications in the place of trust (private cloud, hosting provider, on premise)
  • granular access control for administration, managers, clients etc.
  • Open source code, therefore auditable
How can I get VNClagoon?
You can become a VNClagoon user by sending us your details here: and we will get back to you.

Or you can start a free trial on our VNClagoon LIVE platform here:

How can I contact VNC?
Just send us a message here
What is the VNC Partner Program?
There are several options for you as a reseller to get involved, starting from simple resale of VNClagoon products, to hosting complex VNClagoon infrastructures and up to offering a wide range of support and services to customers.

VNC is committed to developing the world’s best Communication & Collaboration Suite. As we have limited resources for professional services on local markets, we rely on our partners for the delivery of complete solutions to the customers. We aim to build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships. Learn more about the Partner Program here:

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