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Vision & Mission

Open source for secure communication and collaboration.

Virtual Organisation & Learning Organisation & Open Source

We strongly believe in Virtual & Learning Organisations as well as Open Source, as depicted in our VNC Archetypes:

vnc archetypes


On a more generic level, we are convinced that:

  1. Only free societies can maintain peace, liberty and personal freedom for their citizens.

  2. Modern societies and sustainable economies are thriving when they foster progress and innovation.
  3. Creativity, which is a basis for innovation, can only flourish in open societies.
  4. Innovation in regards to technology, as well as business models, requires security and privacy.
  5. Innovation is a prerequisite to repair the damages caused in recent years in the areas of global finance / central banks, climate change, healthcare systems, local economies (especially for SME), and more – in short: to help implement the Sustainable Development Goals of 2015.
  6. Sustainable economies will enable and support the creation of millions of “social” and autonomous businesses rather than groups of monopolies and cartels.
  7. Efficient, technology-driven collaboration in virtual and learning organisations is key to its success. Technology also includes machine learning & AI, in the interest of humanity but NOT transhumanity.
  8. Every person has a right to the unrestricted access of information. This must be enabled to collaborate in a secure and private manner, so as to share content within a global community. That is digital sovereignty.
  9. Technology providers must not censor the content of free individuals in any way (“free speech!”).
  10. Only open source based technology can guarantee maximum security and privacy. This is achieved by way of community development and regular audits – stop patents!
  11. Users need to have the highest level of autonomy in terms of access to their information and communication technology (ICT). This means taking back control of software code, cloud/hosting, identity & access management, encryption.
  12. The future of business software will be open source.


Our mission is to provide secure communication and collaboration to our users via open technologies and platforms.
We want to enable our users to operate under the strictest privacy, thus retaining their digital sovereignty.


How do we do that?


By sharing the source code of major components of the VNClagoon software stack with key customers and partners.


By releasing major components of the VNClagoon software stack as a community version in 2021, containing free and open source code in daily “hot releases” – free of cost.


By releasing the VNClagoon software stack as a long term supported (LTS) version with a fairly priced subscription model.


By offering support and managed services, if required, to deploy, customise, integrate and operate VNClagoon within a Cloud (private, public, customers’/partners’ or VNC operations).


By supporting the creation of communities, which may share knowledge and exchange experiences securely between their members with the help of modern collaborative software (VNClagoon).

VNClagoon provides a new way of doing business.


VNClagoon means software development innovation:
It is a new software development methodology that offers a new approach to efficiently developing software in virtual environments with teams spanning the globe. It is also a technical approach to automate the software development process as much as possible by reducing all information to the “atomic kernel”, which is a “ticket”. Everything can be related to a ticket: user stories, specifications, roadmap and version planning, software code management, robot testing, release management, workload management of teams, timesheets, cost control and so on.


VNClagoon means software technology innovation:
In VNClagoon, we have totally separated business logic from the UI. We use the VNCcommander as an information aggregation hub. Our top-notch search functionality allows fast, index-based retrieval of any data stored in any product. VNClagoon is open software, as we believe closed software to be dead.


VNClagoon means business model innovation:
We enable co-development – based on VNCfactory – to our customers and partners. For new components developed by partners, we offer revenue share models. With best-of-class base technologies, and the products/extensions developed by VNC and partners, we are able to outperform single-minded vendors who are trying to reinvent the wheel.

Are you ready for VNClagoon?

Get started with VNClagoon in your enterprise. Are you a Software Vendor or a Telco? Become a Reseller and sell VNClagoon to your customers.

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