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Calendar software to organize your schedule


Calendar software to organize your schedule

A power calendar for your important appointments

In business environments, every activity is related to a date and time.
Successful business often means “fast moving”. In modern software development, for instance, there is no chance to survive global competition without applying agile methods.

In order to be successful, teams need to be perfectly organized. A key element to be organized is a powerful insight into milestones, deadlines and upcoming events, whatever they may be.
To get an accurate, immediate and complete overview, you need a “power calendar” that is always updated, containing all events that may be relevant.

A calendar is supposed to show all relevant actions scheduled on a certain date or within a period at one glance .
VNCcalendar is based upon state of the art frontend technologies, presenting your events on any device, including mobile Apps. VNCcalendar receives its datafeed (your dates and meetings) via the powerful VNCaxf Restful API.

As a consequence, VNCcalendar is fed from various backend information systems such as VNCmail, VNCproject, VNCtalk and others – integrated as needed.

Here again we follow the strategy to have a single point of access to all relevant data.

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Encrypted & Secure

Encryption via S/MIME, 2 Factor Authentication

Server of your Choice

Hosted wherever you want: On Premise, Private or Public Cloud

Open Source

Auditable Code and seamless integration


VNCcalendar is fed from various backend information systems


VNClagoon is an unmatched unified suite of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions.

Various Sources

Connect VNCcalendar with other VNClagoon applications, like for example VNCproject or VNCmail. VNCcalendar can be fed from various backend systems, so you can add appointments from emails, tickets or any other connected source you like.


Topic, location, attendees, date and time – sure. VNCcalendar offers all basic information for standard appointments like any other calendar. But VNCcalendar allows you also to add a list of required equipment. Furthermore, you can add the description as plain text or HTML for more structured information.

Rich Functions

Of course VNCcalendar provides every useful feature you already are familiar with, like different settings for the calendar view (day, work week, week, month). Each appointment has various options to manage details, such as topic, date, time with time-zone, duration, location, participants, recurring events, reminder, attachments and equipment like whiteboards or flipcharts.

VNClagoon Integrations

Through the integration with different VNClagoon products you can also add appointments from emails you received, tickets you created or are assigned to.

Notifications & Reminders

Of course VNCcalendar will remind you with notifications. Here, you can set different notification patterns for every single appointment.

Multiple Calendars

Creating and displaying several calendars and sub-calendars in different colors, sharing your calendar with other users (entries are visible or private). All these features are implemented in a tidy and convenient design and can be used intuitively.

VNCcalendar Web Client

Fast access wherever you are

The VNCcalendar web client offers all features a calendar needs. You can create and manage the details of your appointments, share them with other users (private or public) and invite additional persons to your meetings.

Since VNCcalendar can be integrated with VNCmail you need only one browser tab to manage your emails and appointments.

Each appointment has various options to manage details, such as topic, date, time with time-zone, duration, location, participants, recurring events, reminder, attachments and equipment like whiteboards or flipcharts.

VNCcalendar Desktop Client

Separate app to clean up your browser tabs

The VNCcalendar Desktop Client allows you to run VNCcalendar as a separate application on your desktop PC – on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Especially when working with lots of open browser tabs, it is useful to have a separate access point for your appointments.

And of course you have the complete VNCcalendar features available, in any of our frontend clients.

VNCcalendar Mobile Client

Angular and Cordova based technology for Android and iOS.

This modern and easy to use App brings all functionalities needed for your events and appointments to your mobile device.
You won’t miss a date!

The VNCcalendar App is available for Android and iOS. VNCcalendar is clearly structured and intuitive to use.

VNCcalendar Architecture

This Architecture Chart provides a comprehensive overview of the architecture of the VNCcalendar software system, the integrated components, databases, interfaces and frontend clients.

Getting Started with VNCcalendar

VNC is committed to developing the world’s best stack of best-of-class Enterprise Software products and to providing the very best level of service to customers.

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Helpful information about VNCcalendar

VNCcalendar User Manual

Check out the user manual to see all features!
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VNCcalendar video presentations on Youtube.
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Terms of Agreement

VNClagoon Products and Apps – Terms of Service.
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VNCcalendar Release Notes

Read about our latest features, changes and fixes:

What Our Customers Say

“VNC and DFB GmbH have been working together intensively for many years. We want to continue and expand this. The DFBnet mailbox developed and implemented by VNC has enormously accelerated and simplified our internal communication. With this, we see ourselves well prepared for future requirements.”

Steffen Iredi, authorized signatory at DFB GmbH and responsible Director Technology & Operations

“With VNCtalk, we have found a solution that fully meets our requirements in terms of security, data sovereignty, functional scope and openness.”

Lucas Schult, CEO of Health Info Net AG

“Our company was looking for a better integrated solution than our current Exchange system. I was tasked to look at any and all available options, test and report back. From my very first email to the most recent one today, the support has been outstanding with quick, concise information and documentation.”

Dale Britt, Hyperline Systems Canada Ltd.

“The federal state church intranet should strengthen communication and cooperation within the state church. The basic aim is to provide all full-time employees and volunteers of the regional church with access to an innovative, modern and unified communication and collaboration infrastructure. The VNClagoon products are particularly well suited for this, because they allow us as a state church – in addition to the many functionalities provided – the possibility of customization options to individual needs within our church. “

Tabea Langguth, Project Manager Landeskirchenweites Intranet, EKBO

“My team and I are very thankful for being able to count on the professional and sophisticated VNC team. VNC has supported us with a series of important projects, always exceeding our high expectations.”

Marius Hjelset, Project Head Hosted Services, Vodafone Group

“With VNC we have gained a partner for whom data security is also a top priority. The integration of VNC’s solutions is fully in line with our best-of-breed strategy. It provides another comprehensive, scalable offering that allows companies to emancipate themselves from US providers and retain complete control over their data.”

Tobias Gerlinger, CEO of ownCloud

“As a specialized IT service provider for research companies, we are consistently developing our product and service portfolio as T-Systems Solutions for Research, focusing on the increasing demands of researchers on products that enhance collaboration and data exchange, enterprise-wide, platform-independent and secure. In this environment, OpenSource-based products are playing an increasingly important role.”

Andreas Nicolai, Head of Solution Center, T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is VNC?

VNC is a global software corporation that develops open source communication and collaboration applications for large organizations.

VNC – Virtual Network Consult, is based in Switzerland, Germany and India, serving a variety of partners and customers such as enterprises, associations and corporations, telcos and system integrators, financial institutions, NGOs, healthcare providers, government agencies and more.

What is VNClagoon?

VNClagoon is an integrated suite of enterprise applications offering a secure alternative to the established software giants. Now it is possible to collaborate with anyone, from anywhere, on any device, under the strictest privacy standards available while retaining the right to digital sovereignty.

What are the advantages of VNClagoon?

VNClagoon is an unrivaled unified and secure suite of communication and collaboration solutions that offers numerous benefits:

  • flexible, modular and integrated applications for seamless workflows and communications
  • state-of-the-art user interfaces – performant, brandable, customizable: mobile apps, web clients, desktop clients
  • low TCO
  • modular and scalable
  • privacy compliant, transparent and secure -> open source!
  • hosting of your choice (private / public cloud, on premise)
  • granular rights/role management thanks to VNCdirectory
How are vulnerable data protected?

With VNClagoon you can protect sensitive data at the following levels:

  • Hosting of applications in the place of trust (private cloud, hosting provider, on premise)
  • granular access control for administration, managers, clients etc.
  • Open source code, therefore auditable
How can I get VNClagoon?
You can become a VNClagoon user by sending us your details here: and we will get back to you.

Or you can start a free trial on our VNClagoon LIVE platform here:

How can I contact VNC?
Just send us a message here
What is the VNC Partner Program?
There are several options for you as a reseller to get involved, starting from simple resale of VNClagoon products, to hosting complex VNClagoon infrastructures and up to offering a wide range of support and services to customers.

VNC is committed to developing the world’s best Communication & Collaboration Suite. As we have limited resources for professional services on local markets, we rely on our partners for the delivery of complete solutions to the customers. We aim to build mutually beneficial and lasting relationships. Learn more about the Partner Program here:

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Bringen Sie VNClagoon in Ihr Unternehmen. Sind Sie ein Softwareanbieter oder ein Telekommunikationsdienstleister? Werden Sie Reseller und bieten Sie Ihren Kunden VNClagoon an.

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