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The framework for encrypted email communication


The framework for encrypted email communication

Product Description

Built on the world‘s leading enterprise-level Commercial Open Source technologies

VNCtrustbase is a framework for secure communication, based on VNCmail. It enables your organization to establish tap-proof, closed communication groups, integrate legally binding digital signatures and end-to-end encryption for email messages and unequivocally identify clients using Web RTC.

The strict utilization of Commercial Open Source components guarantees you full transparency and the protection of your existing investments.

Integrated. Modular. Secure.

VNCtrustbase includes all components needed for secure communication in organizations and enterprises – and is fully customizable to meet your specific requirements.

The framework’s modular architecture enables IT managers to limit implementation to only those components needed at one moment – with the option to extend its functionality easily at any time.



Secure Communication:

VNCtrustbase provides secure communication channels which can be adapted to highly complex security requirements. Based on the VNC Business Infrastructure Stack with its state of the art hardware and software components, it enables the setup of closed communication groups with strong data leakage prevention and a centralized management of users and access rights.

Secure E-mail Gateway:

VNCtrustbase enables the establishment of secure end-to-end encryption for your email messages when using external email clients. Additionally it allows you the use of Secure Communication Platform features when not directly logged in to the platform. Encryption is based on the user’s public key.


Enterprise-Class E-Mail, Calendar and Collaboration solution with web-based interface and outstanding functionality – platform independent and open source.


With this feature VNCtrustbase enables legally binding digital signatures for electronic documents. With bug-proof transmission, no physical paper trail and in compliance with all current legal requirements for data privacy and information security. Conforms with the requirements for advanced electronic signatures and makes signing electronic documents as easy as pen and paper.


The videoID provides unequivocal user authentication, based on WebRTC. It only requires a web browser, making remote identification possible on any internet-enabled device with a camera. VNCvideoID can be used in all circumstances in which in-situ identification is not able to and in which other methods are not available.


With the VNCdatacenter, VNCtrustbase is a highly performant, available and secure application hosted in Switzerland. Our datacenter not only gives you the performance and reliability required to run your applications, but also a high level of privacy. Being subject to Swiss privacy laws it offers you excellent protection from unwanted access – even from government bodies.

Zero Footprint Technology:

Communication within VNCtrustbase requires no software, but only a web browser. The platform can be used on nearly any internet-enabled device and significantly reduces the risk of software-related security or performance issues.

Flexible Interfaces:

Using standard-compliant interfaces and APIs as well as an open architecture, VNCtrustbase can be integrated with any existing IT environment, including MS Exchange, MS Active Directory, Single Sign On and other services.

Multi-Level Registration:

The multi-level registration process contributes to enabling trustful communication by unequivocally and reliably linking a user’s personal identity to its digital counterpart, ensuring everyone involved is actually who they claim to be.

Closed Communication:

Closed communication groups make sure that messages can only be exchanged between authorized partners. That way, they provide excellent protection from unwanted leaks of information within and outside an organization.

Transparent Source Codes:

The source code of VNCtrustbase is available to VNC customers and can easily be examined for compliance with security policies. Its Open Source architecture enables full customization to meet specific requirements. Using VNCtrustbase does not force organizations to rely on any specific vendor and virtually rules out the existence of any “back doors”.

End-to-End Encryption:

Unlike other communication platforms, VNCtrustbase does not only encrypt your information when it is stored, but also when it is sent and received, covering the entire route of transmission. Messages and documents are encrypted as soon as they are sent and are only decrypted when they reach the intended recipient. This makes eavesdropping and rerouting information virtually impossible.

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We set highest standards in what we do. Just like our clients. That’s why it is so important to us to know what they think about working with VNC and our business solutions.

“With VNCtalk, Zimbra becomes a true collaborative platform. A user can seamlessly chat, share files & collaborate from any device. Great product & company to work with.”

Prashant Mudbidri
Director of Logix InfoSecurity Pvt. Ltd
about VNCtalk

“As part of this project, it was also very important for the representatives of the church that a WhatsApp alternative could be found. Short message services are commonly used, therefore EKBO Dialog was very welcome. “

Fabian Kraetschmer
Head of Unit 1.3 – IT, EKBO
about VNCtalk

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