Welcome to VNClagoon LIVE!

Welcome to VNClagoon LIVE!

The VNClagoon LIVE Services

What is VNClagoon LIVE?
VNClagoon LIVE is a reference implementation of our VNClagoon communication and collaboration stack.
Attention: we recommend VNClagoon local resellers or hosting providers in various regions of the world.

What’s the benefit of a local reseller?
Our VNClagoon resellers may offer the following advantages:

  • Nationally / locally hosted and operated VNClagoon platforms
  • Local pricing, taxes and jurisdiction
  • Dedicated instances for individual levels of security
  • Localization according to language, processes, design
  • Customization according to the demands of verticals and specific industries
  • Encryption on demand following national regulations
  • Customization and integration in third party products
  • Consulting, Implementation, Training, Service
  • First level support by phone, email and chat

If you are looking for a reseller, please send your inquiry here.
If you are interested in becoming a reseller for VNClagoon, please check out this page and get in touch with us!

We proudly present our VNClagoon LIVE services: VNCmeet, VNCgroupware and VNCteamwork.

You can register here.

Our aim is to offer the best, transparent and fair service possible:

  • All VNClagoon products are based upon open source platforms and thus are auditable.
  • We use open source technologies for our infrastructure, no black boxes.
  • We protect our users and we don’t sell your data!

The onboarding process to VNClagoon LIVE is simple and we do not request too many details from you.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we are offering some VNClagoon LIVE services for free (for individual users) or for a reasonable fee to cover our costs.

VNClagoon Overview

VNCmeet is the state-of-the-art messenger and real-time communication service with chat, group chat, audio / video calls and conferences, document collaboration, broadcast and much more.

During today’s times of Coronacrisis and insecurity, the VNCmeet service is free of cost for you as an individual user!

For the VNCmeet service, we need you to adher to our fair usage policy and to our terms of use.
This means that you agree to use our VNCmeet service with moderation in regards of data and network consumption.
Because, in the end, we have to pay for CPU and bandwidth.

If you need further storage, bandwidth, additional features etc, please get back to us.
We will offer a fair price for your professional experience.

As a user of the VNCmeet service, you can check out the complete functionalities and you can invite other users to connect via our “Request for Connect” feature.
Then, you’ll be able to see each other in your contacts list and you can communicate using all functionalities, including 1:1 audio / video calls.

To extend the free VNCmeet service, we offer a subscription with these additional features:


Group audio / video calls


Connection to more users via RfC


Creation of an organization with unlimited numbers of users.

Features Individual User Organization
1:1 and group chats
1:1 video / audio calls
Video / audio group conferences
Voice Messages
VNCpad (document collaboration)
RFC (request for connect)
Invite external users
2 Factor Authentication
Invite users to join an organization
Upgrade account to organization

VNCgroupware consists of VNCmail, VNCcontacts and VNCcalendar to deliver an all-in-one groupware experience.

VNCgroupware contains professional email features, a very granular contact management and calendar functionality on top.

You may also store files and attachments in the VNCmail briefcase to have immediate access to documents on the go and wherever you are.

Collaborative woirk has never been easier.

Functionality Individual User Organization
Send and receive emails in HTML and plain text
Powerful spam filter
Store attachments in the VNCmail Briefcase
Attach files from the VNCmail Briefcase
Contact Management with extensive information
Calendar Functionalities
Advanced Search
Complete basic groupware feature set
Complete extended groupware feature set

VNCtask is a professional planner for your everyday to-dos and helps you to keep track of all tasks at all times.

VNCproject enables you to bring project planning and management to a whole new level.

VNCproject comprises enterprise grade features such as Gantt charts, (meta) roadmaps, team capacity planning, agile boards and much more.

VNCteamwork includes VNCtask and VNCproject for subscribed Organization Users and VNCtask for individual users.

Functionality Individual User Organization
VNCtask Task Management
VNCtask Advanced Search
Recurring Tasks
VNCproject Project Management
ITIL Helpdesk
Team Management
(Recruitment Module, performance ranking,
timesheets, time overrun reports, cost control)
Roadmaps, Meta Roadmaps
Budget planning and controlling
Ticket management
Wikis and discussions

Are you ready for VNClagoon?

Get started with VNClagoon in your enterprise. Are you a Software Vendor or a Telco? Become a Reseller and sell VNClagoon to your customers.

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