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Zug, Switzerland, 2 May 2023 – In the last years, the established forms of communication and collaboration (C&C) have been shaken up by home office and new work. VNC, leading developer of open source-based business applications, explains the most important criteria for secure and efficient C&C software in the cloud.

New work, home office and remote working have replaced large parts of face-to-face work in the office. Regardless of whether this is due to necessity or reason, the way we communicate and work together has changed for good – and with it the demands on the digital tools we use for this. This might explain the spontaneous popularity of public clouds. At the same time, however, we have had to learn, sometimes painfully, that convenience and availability in the cloud are not sufficient as sole criteria for good C&C software if security, competitiveness and digital sovereignty are to be maintained. VNC lists the most important criteria:

  1. DevOps and SecOps: Both in the development and in the operation and use of C&C software, it is important that the business divisions work together with the IT and security specialists on the IT solutions. The right method for constructive cooperation is DevOps and SecOps (Secure Operations). In this way, different focus areas, such as software innovation and stability, are brought together in a targeted manner.
  2. Encryption and digital provenance: Security is not only the overriding issue in communication and collaboration. Blockchain technology now makes it possible to securely verify the digital provenance of information with little user effort. Encryption technologies are also considered the best way to data protection in the cloud. It must be made clear how much encryption is permitted where and how we protect ourselves from government access.
  3. Open source and decentralized systems: Without open source, neither security requirements nor agile modernization processes can be implemented in a practical way. Reliable and transparent auditing is only possible with open source. Decentralized systems and flexible provisioning models strengthen the availability of C&C solutions in the cloud and the self-sufficiency of users. The focus on vendor- or provider-exclusive access is not compatible with this.
  4. Support from AI and ML: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not possible without the cloud; on the other hand, AI and ML can beneficially extend the functionality of C&C software, for example for project planning or resource allocation. However, both must be used carefully and sensibly and limited to supporting and relieving functions.

“When it comes to communication and collaboration in the cloud, security is the top priority,” explains Andrea Wörrlein, managing director of VNC in Berlin and board member of VNC AG in Zug. “If you take this premise seriously, there are many tools and technologies available for its practical implementation. However, they have to be used reasonably.”

About VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG
VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG, based in Switzerland, Germany and India, is a leading developer of open source-based enterprise applications and positions itself as an open and secure alternative to the established software giants. With VNClagoon, the organization with its global open source developer community has created an integrated product suite for enterprises, characterized by high security, state-of-the-art technology and low TCO. VNC’s customers include system integrators and telcos as well as large enterprises and institutions.
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