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Zug, Switzerland 09. November 2021 – It makes little sense to constantly reinvent the wheel – although this is still common practice in the software development world. VNC explains the most important advantages of a uniform code base.

A common source code for a large number of programs and modules reduces complexity at all levels of application development and operation. It makes life easier for everyone involved: software developers, IT administrators and users. VNC, a leading developer of open source-based enterprise applications, lists the key benefits:

  1. Simplified development: Frameworks such as Apache Cordova enable the development of client-, platform- and browser-independent programs, while also enabling a homogeneous design across all program modules. By using global components, horizontal functions – such as the search function – only have to be developed once.
  2. Fast adaptation: A uniform code base facilitates the handling of patches, fixes, individualizations and function extensions, which no longer have to be created separately for different clients or platforms. This also applies to ongoing security checks and any necessary security updates.
  3. Reduced admin effort: IT administrators and DevOps can also evaluate programs faster and easier because testing requires far less effort. Additionally, A common code base with standardized interfaces eliminates the problem of data exchange and interoperability between the individual function modules.
  4. Simple deployment: When rolling out to different platforms, separate libraries are no longer required and the interface problem is also eliminated. This simplifies user management and the import of updates or upgrades.
  5. Set operating logic and user interface: Users experience front ends with a uniform design across all platforms and all program modules. Horizontal functions always look the same in all programs and always follow the same logic.
  6. Low training effort: This stringent operating logic alongside the uniform look and feel of the various programs enormously reduces the need for training and the associated costs and downtimes for companies.

“Having a uniform code base means that everyone benefits from a new IT technology,” emphasizes Andrea Wörrlein, managing director of VNC in Berlin and member of the board of directors of VNC AG in Zug. “It simplifies software development, reduces the total cost of ownership for companies, makes it easier for users to use IT and reduces overall dependence on proprietary platforms.”

About VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG
VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG, based in Switzerland, Germany and India, is a leading developer of open source-based enterprise applications and positions itself as an open and secure alternative to the established software giants. With VNClagoon, the organization with its global open source developer community has created an integrated product suite for enterprises, characterized by high security, state-of-the-art technology and low TCO. VNC’s customers include system integrators and telcos as well as large enterprises and institutions. Further information on, on Twitter @VNCbiz and on LinkedIn.


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