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Zug, Switzerland, 8 December 2020 – VNC, leading developer of open source-based enterprise applications, explains the pioneering elements for the future of digital communication and collaboration.

Today’s unprecedented circumstances have led to a boom in collaboration tools, which are mainly used for home workstations. Yet the effects of these developments in collaboration extend beyond “just” the home office. In the future, flying quickly from Munich to Hamburg and back for a customer visit, an interview or an internal meeting will be the exception, not the rule. More and more, the time and energy these actions require will increasingly become as objectionable as the associated environmental impact.

The technical requirements for more resource-saving alternatives are already in place. After many videoconferencing systems were installed spur of the moment, the flaws of such impulsive decisions are now becoming increasingly apparent. They concern the functionality, compatibility, interoperability, usability and of course the security and compliance conformity of collaboration solutions. It’s clear that the future beyond video conferencing must be aligned with future requirements of professional virtual communication and collaboration as a whole. VNC names the three most important trends and the respective requirements.

1. Functionality and compatibility: The growing demand on collaboration tools affect both the depth and breadth of functionality. Pure 1:1 or group video calls are standard for video conferencing, but now there is a growing demand for new, more complex and professional features, including screen sharing, shared document creation, virtual events, and conference recording and storage. Users do not want these video functionalities separately, but embedded in a complete suite that covers all collaboration and communication needs.

2. Interoperability and usability: In addition to video conferencing, collaboration suites must provide communication services such as messenger, chat or e-mail, but also functions such as document processing in a team, as well as task and project management. A patchwork of singular programs is no longer acceptable. Rather, a secure single-sign-on with clearly defined interfaces between the applications and secure data transfer from one tool to another is required. At the same time, usability, i.e. the simple, homogeneous and ergonomically sensible operability across all tools, moves into the spotlight. Efficient virtual collaboration therefore requires the seamless integration of all function packages both in the backend and the frontend.

3. Security and compliance: Collaboration tools must guarantee high security levels and also meet strict GDPR and compliance requirements. For this reason, SaaS offerings are not an option for many security-conscious users and decision makers. What they demand is auditable, securely hosted software, whether from the private cloud, a secure public cloud or a trusted provider.

“Professional forms of virtual collaboration need secure, highly integrated and user-friendly tools,” explains Andrea Wörrlein, managing director of VNC in Berlin and board member of VNC AG in Zug. “They are the prerequisite for successful communication and collaboration in any company.”

About VNC

VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG, based in Switzerland, Germany and India, is a leading developer of open source-based enterprise applications and positions itself as an open and secure alternative to the established software giants. With VNClagoon, the organization with its global open source developer community has created an integrated product suite for enterprises, characterized by high security, state-of-the-art technology and low TCO. VNC’s customers include system integrators and telcos as well as large enterprises and institutions. Further information:


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