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Open thinking strengthens Europe

Zug, 02. November 2020Statement from Andrea Wörrlein, managing director of VNC in Berlin, Germany, and member of the board of VNC AG in Zug, Switzerland The growing importance of open source at all levels of public institutions continues to intensify. In its  recently...

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February 2021
25.02.2021: Enough with the prejudices – open source is secure
18.02.2021: Youtube: DoIT Webinar Building confidential applications on Google Cloud

January 2021
27.01.2021: What exactly was closed source again?
22.01.2021: Open Source from the retro perspective of 2050 – What is Closed Source?

December 2020
04.12.2020: The importance of open source is growing

November 2020

30.11.2020: La importancia del código abierto está creciendo
02.11.2020: VNC And OwnCloud Enter Form Strategic Partnership

October 2020

29.10.2020: VNC And OwnCloud Enter Form Strategic Partnership

September 2020

16.09.2020: Médecins et hôpitaux ont leurs alternatives suisses à Whatsapp

July 2020

08.07.2020: Open Source Observatory (OSOR): Complaints are ignored


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