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Release Notes

VNCcontacts+ 1.3

October 16. 2020

New Features:

  1. [Mobile] Added deeplinking to VNCtalk to start chats/calls from VNCcontacts+
  2. [Mobile] Added an option to create contacts
  3. [Mobile] Added profile details
  4. [Mobile] Added the advanced search functionality
  5. [Mobile] Improved the UI in the list/tag view
  6. [Mobile] Added a workflot to trigger actions from the contact details like Email, Phone number, Address
  7. [Mobile] Added a workflow for Contact groups
  8. [Mobile] Added an option to change the language
  9. [Mobile] Added a General Settings screen
  10. [Mobile] Added the VNC service desk screen
  11. [Mobile] Added a version and changelog screen
  12. [Mobile] Added an App info screen
  13. [Mobile] Added an Export functionality for contacts
  14. [Mobile] Added an option to delete contacts
  15. [Mobile] Implemented an option to add/create contact lists
  16. [Mobile] Implemented a screen for contact lists
  17. [Mobile] Added a screen to switch between the Apps
  18. [Mobile] Implemented the hamburger menu screen
  19. [Mobile] Option to add a photo/avatar when creating/editing a contact
  20. [Mobile] Option to edit contacts
  21. [Mobile] Added a search functionality for lists

Version VNCcontacts+ 1.2

October 07. 2020

New Features:

  1. Added the display of recent activities of other apps (VNCtalk, VNCmail, VNCtask)
  2. Implemented options to start chats and audio/video calls from the contact details view
  3. [Mobile] Added deeplinking to VNCmail to write emails from VNCcontacts+
  4. Added an option to add/remove a contact as Favorite
  5. Implemented the Trash and Restore feature
  6. Option to add avatar images to contact groups
  7. Added a counter update in the sidebar for Contacts/Contact Groups/Trash/Frequently Contacted Users
  8. Added an option to change the color of tags in the sidebar


  1. Improved sidebar UI
  2. Re-designed the contact list column
  3. Performance improvements by reducing the amount of loaded contacts & contact groups


  1. Fixed the counter of duplicate folders in the sidebar
  2. Fixed a routing issue

VNCcontacts+ 1.1

October 02. 2020

New Features:

  1. Implemented a new HR tab and user information in the details view fetched from VNCdirectory
  2. Implemented an option to compose emails from the contact details view
  3. Implemented a trash functionality
  4. Implemented a resizable sidebar
  5. Users can edit their profile on their own now
  6. Implemented an option to import contacts
  7. Implemented an option to undo changes in different time intervals
  8. Added a row for list assignments in the contact list view


  1. Redesign of the favicon on vnccontacts+
  2. Changed project label to product label in the contact info tab


  1. Clicking outside the dialog box doesn't end the dialog anymore
  2. [Mobile] Optimized the search bar behaviour
  3. UI improvements

VNCContacts + 1.0

September 10. 2020

New Features:

  1. Contact export
  2. Contact list options: create/update/delete
  3. Added routing access on the tags and contact lists
  4. User selection
  5. Create Contacts
  6. Redesign of the list view, sidebar, header, and details view
  7. Added an All/None selection checkbox near the header
  8. Search for contact groups
  9. "More" Button for contact list items with options: like share, print, export, delete
  10. List and Tags name display in the Header including a counter
  11. Implemented the routing for Lists, Frequently contacted, Trash, Duplicates folders

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