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Release Notes

VNCdirectory 2.2

May 22. 2020

New Features:

  1. Implemented 2-factor authentication to VNCdirectory for all VNClagoon products
  2. Added the option to upgrade an account (Individual user -> Organization)
  3. New RfC (Request for Connect) feature for VNCmeet with new designs and workflows
  4. Implemented the "Invite user" feature to an Organization from the application (VNCmeet) side
  5. Added the Helpdesk module to VNCdirectory
  6. Implemented a public/free user registration
  7. Implemented granular permissions for user groups: Individual -> Organization users (e.g. invite external users to a video meeting via email)
  8. RFC (Request for Connect) limitations configured for Individual and Organization users
  9. New feature to invite users to an organization from VNCdirectory side
  10. Implemented granular registration options for individual and organization users
  11. New organization accounts now will have a default department
  12. Added a feature to remove users from an organization, the user will then be downgraded to an individual user
  13. New, granular configurations of the Video/Audio meeting feature for Individual and Organization users


  1. Added restrictions for inviting external users by pressing the Enter key


  1. Fixed the OTP authentication
  2. Optimized the participants' appearance in the group chat
  3. Optimized the role of moderators to remove participants from a group chat
  4. Optimized the new user connectivity / display once he/she is invited via RfC (Request for Connect)
  5. Optimized the validation of the registration of new users
  6. Improved email delivery to invited users
  7. [Mobile] layout improvements

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