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Release Notes

VNCtask 1.4.9

April 14. 2020

New Features:

  1. New release of the VNCtask Desktop Client for Windows, Mac and Linux


  1. [Mobile] Fixed the icon color in the notifications
  2. [Mobile] Optimized the login screen layout
  3. Added a warning notification for exceeding the character length in the task edit dialog
  4. [Web Client] Optimized the layout of the General Settings dialog
  5. Optimized the time log entry in tickets
  6. Fixed the change password process

VNCtask v1.3.3.456

January 10. 2020

New Features:

  1. Added FCM notifications support for iOS
  2. Switch back to the task list after completing a task
  3. Added FCM notifications for overdue tasks
  4. Updated fields are highlighted blinking
  5. "Closed Tasks" filter to see all closed tasks wihin a task list
  6. offline support for comments


  1. Improved comment box design
  2. Improved iOS notifications
  3. Changed FCM notification format
  4. Added notifications for deleted and removed tasks
  5. [mobile] improved VNCtask App icon


  1. Optimized registration and "forgot password" process
  2. [mobile] Improved attachment upload
  3. [mobile] optimized device token handling
  4. Optimized the notification behaviour in offline mode
  5. Improved project filter for the search functionality
  6. Optimized editing of recurring tasks
  7. [desktop] Optimized notification handling
  8. Updated the Mobile Case API and the Search Count API
  9. [mobile] Improved the search results display for the offline mode
  10. Optimized display of spent time

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