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Release Notes

VNCtask v1.3.3.456

January 10. 2020

New Features:

  1. offline support for comments
  2. "Closed Tasks" filter to see all closed tasks wihin a task list
  3. Added FCM notifications support for iOS
  4. Switch back to the task list after completing a task
  5. Added FCM notifications for overdue tasks
  6. Updated fields are highlighted blinking


  1. Improved comment box design
  2. Improved iOS notifications
  3. Changed FCM notification format
  4. Added notifications for deleted and removed tasks
  5. [mobile] improved VNCtask App icon


  1. Optimized the notification behaviour in offline mode
  2. Optimized display of spent time
  3. Improved project filter for the search functionality
  4. Optimized editing of recurring tasks
  5. [desktop] Optimized notification handling
  6. Updated the Mobile Case API and the Search Count API
  7. [mobile] Improved the search results display for the offline mode
  8. Optimized registration and "forgot password" process
  9. [mobile] Improved attachment upload
  10. [mobile] optimized device token handling

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