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VNClagoon for Healthcare

Secure communication and collaboration for maximum prevention.

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The Advantages
of VNClagoon

We provide highly secure open source solutions for healthcare institutions.

Flexible and integrated

Flexible, modular and integrated applications for seamless workflows and communication.

State-of-the-art user interfaces

Performant, customizable and brandable frontends in the form of mobile apps, web clients as well as desktop clients for any device.

Operations in the place of your choice

Host VNClagoon wherever you want: in a private or public cloud, with the hosting provider you trust, or in your own data center.

Modular and scalable

VNClagoon allows you to start with only one product for a limited number of users, the flexible extension with further products as well as almost endless scaling for very large numbers of users.

Open Source

VNClagoon is privacy compliant, transparent and auditable, and highly secure to operate, thanks to open source.

Attractive Pricing

Low total cost of ownership with excellent discounts and special subscription models for the healthcare sector.

Granular management

VNCdirectory allows you to manage rights and roles very granularly for all users.

Software from Europe

VNC is at home in Switzerland and Germany.

Are you interested in
using VNClagoon in your
healthcare institution?


We help healthcare institutions stay on the right track

VNC is committed to developing the world’s best stack of best-of-class Enterprise Software products and to providing the very best level of service to customers. We support customers from the healthcare sector with secure, flexible, integrated tools for seamless workflows and communications – including the highest level of end-to-end data protection.

VNClagoon Communication & Collaboration Suite:
Safe, Proven, Secure, Flexible.

VNClagoon is a suite of integrated communication and collaboration solutions that enable you to think beyond boundaries to create a business environment that conforms to the way your organization works.

Powerful Product Line

VNClagoon is a powerful, secure & easy-to-use platform for Healthcare Institutions with the following seamlessly integrated products:


Web-based Real-Time Communication: chat, video and audio conferencing, screen sharing. Just in your browser.

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The future of e-mail and collaboration – more efficient, more open, more effective and flexible than any other solution

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A safe place to store data, share insights, grow knowledge & collaborate!

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Your complete management tool for your emails, contacts, calendar and files!

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Contacts and address management

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One calendar for all your meetings and dates.

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VNCtask – the easy to use Task Management & To-Do List application. Stay organized. Anytime! Anywhere!

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Keep your projects in focus and your customers happy.

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The brilliant centerpiece of VNClagoon.

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Private and secure file sharing–on any device, any OS and stored on the server of your choice.

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VNCdirectory is a full-blown directory service for the VNClagoon applications and integrates with other directory services if required.

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Business-hardened office suite with long-term, multi-platform support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of VNClagoon for the medical profession?

VNClagoon is an unrivaled unified and secure suite of communication and collaboration solutions that is especially suited for the healthcare sector and offers numerous benefits:

  • flexible, modular and integrated applications for seamless workflows and communications
  • state-of-the-art user interfaces – performant, brandable, customizable: mobile apps, web clients, desktop clients
  • low TCO
  • modular and scalable
  • privacy compliant, transparent and secure -> open source!
  • hosting of your choice (private / public cloud, on premise)
  • granular rights/role management thanks to VNCdirectory
What are the basic requirements for the use of software in hospitals and doctor's offices?

Software used in healthcare environments should pursue these goals:

  • digital sovereignty & data protection at the highest level
  • interactive consultations
  • intuitive user interfaces
  • flexibility (applications, hosting, user numbers)
  • scalability
  • secure hosting at the location of choice
Which VNClagoon applications are useful for healthcare institutions?

VNClagoon is a powerful, secure & easy-to-use platform for Healthcare Institutions with the following seamlessly integrated products:

  • VNCtalk (chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboard, etc.)
  • VNCmail / VNCcalendar / VNCcontacts (groupware)
  • VNCchannels (topic collections)
  • VNCtask / VNCproject (task management)
  • VNCsafe (File Sync&Share)
  • VNCdirectory
Who can use VNClagoon for healthcare?

VNClagoon is available for the following user groups:

  • Hospitals, Clinics and medical offices, Nursing homes, Mental health and addiction treatment centers, Birth centers, Imaging and radiology centers, and many more
  • Physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists, and medical technologists
  • Online consultations, virtual doctor’s appointments
  • Patients, patient groups, support groups
  • Medial professional groups for case discussions
  • Working groups, training and education groups
  • Relatives: Information about next steps, support options, treatments
  • and more
How are vulnerable patients' data protected?

With VNClagoon you can protect sensitive data at the following levels:

  • Hosting of applications in the place of trust (private cloud, hosting provider, on premise)
  • granular access control for administration, medical personnel, patients
  • Open source code, therefore auditable
What are the benefits for healthcare professionals?
  • No passing on of private cell phone numbers/email addresses for WhatsApp and Co
  • VNClagoon is powerful, secure and easy to use
  • fast and secure communication
  • SSO: single sign on and sign out for the platform with different applications
  • storage of important documents (annoying copying is no longer necessary)
  • all patients have access to the documents shared by the healthcare worker
What are the advantages of VNClagoon for patients?
  • VNClagoon is powerful, secure and easy to use
  • Independence from end devices, also mobile use (apps)
  • Filing of important documents instead of chaos of notes
  • Uploading of diagnoses, charts, medication, treatments
  • All patients have access to the documents stored by the medical professional
  • Avoid dependence on large IT monopolists (e.g. Microsoft)

a Demo

Our dedicated VNClagoon specialists will give you a 30 minutes intro in what it means to use VNClagoon products in the healthcare sector. Ask us anything – we are happy to answer.

The technological background:

Open Source for enterprise level usage
VNC has selected, tested and integrated the best open source base components and platforms (databases, application servers, directory services, etc.) over the last few years.
VNC has sought out and hired the top developers for each product and technology.
VNC has reengineered, enhanced and integrated these basic products on a functional level to provide users with a holistic experience on any device.

VNC has integrated these basic products via middleware / backend tools in the VNCaxf stack (e.g. AI, Index, etc.) to enable, for example, easy onboarding of new users.
VNC has reengineered, enhanced and integrated these basic products on a functional level to provide users with a holistic experience on any device.

VNC has developed an independent frontend called VNCuxf based on Google Angular (open source), with which the user interface individually displays only the functions needed in each VNClagoon product. Branding, customization, etc. are thus possible on a completely new level – and with reasonable effort.
Most importantly, the VNCfactory enables automated testing of more than 90% of the software code. This is complemented by structured manual tests, ITIL-based helpdesks with a comprehensive knowledge base and the packaging of all components (DevOp = automated installation with checking of all dependencies and possible errors).

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