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As Heise Online reports, over 70% of users of apps and websites do not read the according data protection regulations, according to the results of an Allensbach survey. In contrast to medicine, where the side effects listed on the package inserts may occur with a rather low probability, it is almost certain that the providers of online services will definitely exploit the permissions they grant themselves in their terms of service. We therefore voluntarily accept that even our most private data is scanned by big tech giants.

Probably everyone has already had to take medication in his/her life. The patient information sheet lists all kinds of side effects, from slight to severe, which you would probably rather not know too many details about. Apart from the fact that it is almost impossible to fold the leaflet back into its original form, one does not want to deal with undesirable side-effects, especially when you are already seriously ill.

Likewise it goes for data protection declarations and general terms and conditions – and admittedly,
this gives us some headache here at VNC, even without any bodily harm: Those who do not read the general terms and conditions and data protection declarations might give away their data unintentionally or might even commit themselves to absurd activities. In 2017 it became known that users of the Wifi hotspots of the British provider “Purple” committed themselves to 1000 hours of community work – of course nobody had read the terms and conditions before. Users committed themselves to voluntarily cleaning mobile toilets, stroking abandoned pets or even painting snail shells.

Another absurd example: A few years ago, the provider of the messenger ICQ (link) impudently hid in their generals terms that by sending the message, users surrendered the copyright to ICQ. Nobody seemed especially interested in this. The current situation with WhatsApp, Skype or other widespread communication software is not so different. WhatsApp, as a subsidiary of Facebook, has been particularly under criticism – in theory, you would have to ask your entire circle of friends for permission before allowing WhatsApp to read the address book. In reality, of course, nobody does this – but legally this equals more than “thin ice”. A data protection regulation compliant use of WhatsApp is therefore almost impossible.
In addition, data protection declarations are often long and complicated and many users feel overwhelmed. These formulations make it easier for providers to pick up, use and sell any amount of data unnoticed by the user. This practice can cause enormous damage, especially for companies, which is why almost all data protection officers warn against using such proprietary solutions on external and thus uncontrollable servers.

So even if it takes time and you have to read some passages several times – to check the privacy statements thoroughly is the safest way to keep control over your data, whether private or professional.

You want to know for sure where your data is stored and who has access? For all applications of the VNClagoon software stack you have the choice! You decide whether the hosting should take place on-site, on your own servers or in a (certified) data center of your choice, at the location of your choice.

Branding and employer branding are becoming more and more important – use the flexibility of the state-of-the-art VNC products to adapt the layout to your own requirements and to set new standards. Allow your employees to use the fast and efficient tools for communication, which include a messenger for chats and group chats – ONLY SAFER. Always. Everywhere. And on any device.

For more information about our VNClagoon business software stack, please visit our Website or contact us by email.

The VNClagoon software stack contains the following components:
VNCmail – scalable E-Mail-Server (based on Zimbra, with a new, compelling user interface)
VNCtalk – Business Messenger with chat, group chat, audio, video, screensharing and many more features.
VNCcalendar – global calendar
VNCcontacts – global address-Management (internal & external)
VNCtask – professional task management
VNCsafe – file sync & share (the secure way to replace Dropbox)
VNCoffice – online collaboration on documents and spreadsheets
VNCproject – Project Management
VNCchannels – A safe place to store data, share insights, grow knowledge & collaborate!

Our VNClagoon software stack.

State-of-the-art. Fully open. True security.

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