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VNClagoon – a secure alternative to many software products you’re using every day!

Have you ever wondered whether the software tools you are relying on are the safest bet? And is your software infrastructure really delivering a seamless and smooth experience?

Unreliable and complicated software as well as missing or inadequate IT equipment are among the main reasons for dissatisfaction in the workplace and the uncontrolled use of shadow IT in organizations.

Users need untroublesome software, performant communication tools and they want to decide which options suit their needs best. Of course, they use the device of their choice and expect the same simplicity in digital communication at the workplace as they are used to in their private life.

On the other hand – when selecting communication and collaboration software (C&C), organizations have to follow internal guidelines and legal requirements in terms of data protection, data security, IT security and data sovereignty.

Enterprise software does not need to be complicated or boring!

With the VNClagoon business software stack you can replace some widely used software tools with secure, flexible, perfectly integrated, easy to use and GDPR compliant software products:

WhatsApp, Teams & Zoom

 VNCtalk is our messenger for Real-Time Business Communication: chat, group chat, broadcasts, document collaboration, video conferencing and more – wherever you are. You can replace WhatsApp, MS Teams and Zoom without worrying about GDPR issues.


VNCchannels Stream, collaborate productively and share your content – like on Facebook – but without selling out your data.


VNCsocial – Secure social networking for professional usage, this is a perfect alternative to Twitter. Build your own social network within your company.

Gmail & Outlook

VNCmail, VNCcontacts, VNCcalendar VNCgroupware – all you need for streamlined business communication. Together they form an exceptional groupware, way more secure than Gmail or Outlook.


VNCsafe – Private and Secure File Transfer, File Sync & Share – on any device, any OS and stored on the server of your choice. The best way to replace Dropbox and other Blackbox Cloud Storages in your organization.


VNCtask – Create tasks, manage them, get organized – all in one tool


VNCproject – Enterprise Project Management Software

With all VNClagoon products your data remain completely under your control, which enables you to operate under the strictest privacy, thus to retain your digital sovereignty. Use, tag and search stored data, collected information and generated knowledge across the VNClagoon products and avoid data silos!

Find more information, technical details and visuals on all our products on!

Or schedule a personal meeting to get a first impression of the VNClagoon look and feel.


VNClagoon – Enterprise Communication & Collaboration Products

Enable your teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently, productively and with ease. Access your data securely wherever you are on the device of your choice! Use the VNClagoon modules you and your teams really need and adapt your business software stack to your own individual requirements. And by all means avoid the usage of shadow IT in your organization as this can harm your company on any number of levels.


Dissatisfaction with Business Collaboration Tools promotes Shadow IT!

If employees are not happy with the provided software, they will use their private tools to collaborate, knowing that the software is not sanctioned by their IT department.
It is crucial to provide collaboration software that is tailored to your team’s needs to avoid Shadow IT.

How can you do this?
Involve your team in the process and make sure to get feedback!

Your vision
Make sure you have a clear picture of your overall communication and collaboration strategies before starting to implement disparate collaboration tools one by one.

Whenever private tools (Shadow IT) are used for business communication or to share sensitive company data, considerable legal and financial damage may result.
Two additional problematic aspects regarding legislation may arise from the location of data centers and the headquarters of the service provider.

With VNClagoon you can meet IT security protocols and you can take care of security requirements to regain data sovereignty. You can scale up and down with highest flexibility, depending on your own needs and you can select the hosting option that suits your needs best, whether it is in a public or private cloud, or on premise.

Make your employees feel at home with VNClagoon.

Research thoroughly what king of software is really needed. Get inspired by best practices, start polls among employees, involve your team in the software roll-out processes and use your company CD/CI to create a branded software stack for your organization.

VNClagoon is the enterprise grade software stack for all of your communication and collaboration needs. At the same time your data remain under your control – no black boxes and no hidden backdoors! VNClagoon is a real alternative to closed software from vendors such as Microsoft or some widely used SaaS solutions like WhatsApp, Twitter, Asana or Facebook, with all the features and functionalities you expect from a modern communication and collaboration suite including a messenger, real-time communication, groupware, project & task management, secure file sync & share, and much more.

Our clean VNCcommander start page gives you fast access to all VNClagoon products you are subscribed to and provides a Stream View, so you see all new messages and tasks at a glance, no matter which communication or collaboration channel has been used.

We are convinced that the future of business software will be open source. Therefore our integrated VNClagoon stack is entirely based upon open standards.

VNClagoon Product Suite

Please find more information, technical details and visuals of all our products on

About VNClagoon

Secure, Best in Class, Seamless Communication and Collaboration, Lowest TCO
The VNClagoon enterprise software suite offers a full range of integrated communication and collaboration products for messaging, real-time conferencing, community building, channels, email, groupware, task and project management, file handling and more for large organizations. Built upon state-of-the-art open source technology by thousands of world-class developers around the world, VNClagoon is a leading alternative to closed source and SaaS-only applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, Dropbox and many others. Now it is possible for VNClagoon customers to gain greater control over their digital sovereignty as they communicate and collaborate more securely using one completely integrated suite of applications. For more information visit:

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