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An Introduction to the new VNClagoon resident geniuses

It is about time for us to introduce Vincent & Vincenta.

Vincent and Vincenta are our resident VNClagoon geniuses, with their glasses, smart haircuts and hipster clothes.
And we have two of them, so you can decide whom you prefer as your little helper. Of course, as you might have already suspected, their names are kind of inspired by our company name and VNClagoon.

The virtual world is increasingly blending with the real world. Messengers like VNCtalk replace emails or phone calls. You start with a text chat and move to a video call with one click. For example in support, our virtual assistants hand over to a “real” VNC team member. AI is taking over more and more processes.
It’s a permanent back and forth between pure virtual and live interactions.

To bridge the gap, we feel that it is beneficiary to introduce virtual intermediaries, namely Vincent and Vincenta.

Vincent and Vincenta represent several interfaces within the VNClagoon ecosystem:

  • the top-tier service the VNClagoon support team offers to our clients:
    When our partners and customers open a ticket with us, in our VNCproject ticketing system, they have a hard time to visually picture our support team. Now we have two great personifications for our top-notch support team around the globe to give our clients a sense of comfort, especially when they are in need of our services.
  • the in-depth VNClagoon technical and product information:
    Vincent and Vincenta will help to explain product functionalities, details, examples in a more approachable way than mere charts and diagrams can offer.
  • the advanced level of guidance in our VNClagoon products:
    For example, you might have heard about our Agile Boards Achievements module in VNCproject, where a team member can see his/her performance rating for the last tickets or work requests. Of course, showing an achievement level is helpful, but we need to give guidance to help our team to learn how to get even more organized or focused on their tasks. So, here we are introducing helpful hints regarding structuring of tasks, managing of workload or delegation. Vincent and Vincenta are our little helpers to support our team.
  • the next level in machine learning and artificial intelligence within the VNClagoon components:
    Here, Vincent and Vincenta are the personifications of our new, highly advanced developments – stay posted for more.

We are releasing our two geeks now, at the end of 2019, and we are looking forward to your feedback and many joyful interactions.

You may also see them around our website, so keep an eye out for them! 🙂

If you are interested in our VNClagoon software stack, you can find further information on or you can send an Email to us:

More information about VNC Support and our Helpdesk can be found >HERE<

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