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VNClagoon & Corteza: Integrating a Low-Code Platform into the VNClagoon Communication & Collaboration Suite

Corteza – created by Planet Crust – is an open-source, low-code platform for building and delivering collaborative business applications. It provides tools for organizations to create custom applications tailored to their specific needs without extensive coding expertise. We added Corteza to VNClagoon as an additional frontend and the results are impressive.

We selected the product VNCcrm from the VNClagoon Suite for this pilot project to test and implement the integration of Corteza as one of the leading low-code platforms. The required development was undertaken as a joint project between both companies. We achieved our goals in short time, with great results. Adding this low-code frontend to VNClagoon brings numerous, proven benefits:

  • accelerated application development
  • increased flexibility for customization
  • enhanced agility in responding to business needs and
  • ultimately, faster time-to-market for new features and updates.

For a quick overview of the VNClagoon & Corteza integration, please watch our short video:

VNCcrm – Features

VNCcrm, our Customer Relationship Management, is a modular component of the VNClagoon software stack and provides transparency and efficiency in the sales cycle as well as seamless integration into workflows and processes. VNCcrm manages and  prioritizes sales pipelines, leads, opportunities and activities. It offers a centralized platform for monitoring key sales performance indicators, facilitating real-time data synchronization, and fostering seamless information exchange among team members.

VNCcrm also presents sales data such as company details, product insights, revenue metrics, and lead classifications through an intuitive interface, while also enabling export in both CSV and PDF formats for added convenience.

VNCcrm & Corteza: Dashboards

By integrating the low-code platform Corteza into the VNClagoon Suite, VNCcrm now provides customizable dashboards for displaying sales pipeline statistics. This integration enables users to create, modify, and visualize reports, graphs, and metrics using real-time data within VNCcrm. The integration operates bidirectionally, allowing users to modify their data either within VNCcrm or directly within the dashboard interface.

VNCcrm & Corteza: Reports

In sales processes, it is crucial to maintain constant access to concise summaries of the present status and projections. VNCcrm dashboards offer the following options:

  • Utilization of various types of graphs such as funnel, gauge and metric to illustrate monthly sales and report revenue based on status, priority, and lead class.
  • Tracking of the performance of sales representatives over a specified period.
  • The use of pie charts and bar graphs to emphasize closed deals and the total revenue generated.

Numerous configuration options for chart elements are accessible, enabling real-time aggregation, processing, and visualization of data bidirectionally, for instance, comparing Sales versus Target.

Get a first impression of our VNCcrm – Corteza integration in the following slider:

Corteza Overview

VNCcrm & Corteza: Dashboards

VNCcrm & Corteza: Reports

VNCcrm & Corteza: Chart Builder

Our VNCcrm lead developer Ramiz about the VNCcrm – Corteza integration:

From a developer’s standpoint, the integration of Corteza and VNClagoon offers several advantages. First, it provides seamless interoperability between the two platforms, allowing developers to leverage the strengths of each system in tandem.
Furthermore, the integration enables developers to harness the combined capabilities of Corteza’s robust features for e.g. dashboard and chart design and VNClagoon’s comprehensive suite of communication and collaboration tools.
The bi-directional sync is really awesome!


VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG

Please find additional information about VNCcrm HERE, in our Blogpost: VNCcrm Versions 1.1.6 & 1.1.7 released and in our press release: VNCcrm frees sales and marketing from unproductive sales silos.

VNCcrm is part of our VNClagoon Business Software Stack


VNCcrm is seamlessly integrated in VNClagoon, enabling users to quickly switch between applications and to access all tools for communication and collaboration comfortably from one access point. Single Sign On (SSO), 2-Factor-Authentication, end-to-end encryption, Stream View and a sophisticated cross-product search allow efficient work – independently of the workplace. May it be in the office, at home or on the road. With VNClagoon we enable our users to operate under the strictest privacy, thus to retain their digital sovereignty. Our customers and partners are free to decide where the software is to be hosted: On Premise, in a private or public cloud.

With all our products, the security of your data is of utmost importance. Keep important information where it belongs – within your company!

About VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG, based in Switzerland, Germany and India, is a leading developer of open source-based enterprise applications and positions itself as an open and secure alternative to the established software giants. With VNClagoon, the organization with its global open source developer community has created an integrated product suite for enterprises, characterized by high security, state-of-the-art technology and low TCO. VNC’s customers include system integrators and telcos as well as large enterprises and institutions. Further information on, on Twitter @VNCbiz and on LinkedIn.

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