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Some “philosophical” thoughts about modern business ….
In modern life, we all express ourselves by our orientation in time, meaning our cultural preference toward past, present, or future thinking.
This is even more true in business environments, where everything is in a relation to a date and time. Mostly, with stressfully short periods between plan and action as well as with too many activities due in any given period.

In other words, in today’s ever faster moving times, “The Quick and the Dead” (American Western film from 1995) is of even more relevance.

Successful business means “fast moving”. In modern software development, for instance, there is no chance to survive global competition without agile methods.
In order to be successful, teams need to be perfectly organized. A key element to be organized is a powerful insight into milestones, deadlines and upcoming events, whatever they may be.
To have an accurate, immediate and complete overview, you need a “power calendar” that is always updated, containing all events that may be relevant.

This is an example of a sleek, easy-to-use Calendar overview with VNCcalendar, as required in groupware environments. 

VNCcalendar is one of the core front-end components within the VNClagoon stack.

A calendar is supposed to show at one glance all relevant actions scheduled on a certain date or period.
VNCcalendar is based upon state of the art frontend technologies, presenting events on any device including mobile Apps, consuming data via the powerful VNCaxf Restful API.
As a consequence, VNCcalendar is fed from various backend information systems such as Zimbra, Redmine, Plone, Odoo etc. – integrated as needed.

Here again we follow the strategy to have a single point of access to all relevant data.

For instance, take a look at our Agile Board Achievements page where the calendar element is showing the most important action items such as Meta Roadmap due dates, Meta Task due dates, tickets, incidents and VNCtask objects.

This is an example of a complex integration of VNCcalendar in VNCproject. You can see the monthly overview, the exact status of active projects and tickets, the working capacity available and the achievements from completed tasks within a certain time period.

To wrap it up, VNCcalendar is an unique and outstanding “backend application agnostic” power tool to allow users to get organised in the best possible way. The user can slice and dice, select and filter – and thus has the power to show exactly the events which are most important at this exact moment.

For more information about our VNClagoon business software stack, please visit our Website or contact us by email.

VNCcalendar is part of our VNClagoon software stack.

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