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Zug, 15. M 2019: VNC Virtual Network Consult has published the current release of VNCproject with the additional module “Performance Ranking”.

VNCproject Performance Ranking, as a new module of VNCproject

„If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it“ – Peter Drucker (Management Consultant)


Well-trained, efficient and goal-oriented specialists are an important factor for the success of a company. For this reason, many companies are investing more and more time and money in further training, as well as in evaluating and improving the quality of work of their employees.

Performance incentives in various forms are created and good work is rewarded. But what is the best and most effective way to evaluate the performance of your employees?

There are many factors commonly used to measure performance, such as productivity, quality of work, time management, creativity and customer feedback.

VNC has developed a platform within the project management tool VNCproject to evaluate the performance of software developers and support staff directly in VNCproject. On this platform we have used Key Performance Indicators (here called KPIs) as basic analytical measurement values. These indicators are key factors and statistics to evaluate the quality of work, time management and ranking for all developers working in the company.

We would like to answer the following questions with the VNC Performance Ranking:

  • How effectively do developers allocate their time to their projects?
  • How quickly do they complete their tasks?
  • How often are tickets reassigned (Ticket Pingpong)?
  • What is the completion rate?
  • How accurate are estimates made?
  • Who has the best ranking in the given period?
  • How does the performance ranking change in each period?

The detailed answers to all the above questions can be found in the “Performance Ranking”.

The following ratios are used:

  • Number of ticket reassignments: The number of tickets that have been reassigned to the user in the selected period.
  • Number of time adjustments (accuracy of estimates): How often has a user re-estimated the time required (Estimated Time) for a ticket in the selected period?
  • Number of Spent Time Adjustments: The number of times the user has adjusted the time spent (Spent Time) on tickets in the selected period.
  • Time overrun percentage: One of the most important issues when evaluating a developer or team member. Not only is the percentage of tasks completed on time taken into account, but also
  • shows the number of all tickets with time overrun (or underrun) in percent in detail.

Especially in customer projects it is very important that the time required is estimated as correctly as possible in order to prepare suitable offers and to stay within the agreed budget during the course of the project. A sensibilisation of the employees for the importance of correct estimates and for the importance of completing the work within the pre-defined time (Estimated Time) and the agreed due date can thus be achieved.

Advantages of the VNC Performance Ranking:

  • The KPIs are presented in easy-to-understand diagrams and various factors are included in the measurement of work performance.
  • Not only the performance of a user is shown in various diagrams (tab “General”), but also the performance of all employees is clearly displayed in a table. (Tab “Adjustments”, Tab “Quantity TOR”, Tab “Quality TOR”). TOR = Time Overrun
  • Reliable data: There is also the possibility to open the associated data (tickets) in a separate tab (Tab Time Overrun Report) to display the work performance for the check in detail.
  • The Time Overrun Report shows the final ranking of all employees (developers) using the evaluation model with evaluation criteria.
  • Report on the changes of the ranking in the specified period (tab “History”)
  • Can be combined with other VNCproject features (such as EVM – Earned Value Management) to ensure that projects are implemented within the predefined time frame and within the negotiated budget

We plan to add two more indicators in our next VNCproject release: Percentage of missed deadlines, significance of percentage overestimation.

Conclusion: Employees and freelancers receive continuous feedback through the VNC Performance Ranking and are thus ideally constantly informed about how their superiors perceive them.

Furthermore, performance ranking can help to create incentives and pay out bonuses for good performance.

Other factors and soft skills that cannot be represented by the performance ranking should be recorded in parallel by the Team Manager in order to always be informed about the performance of individual employees or freelancers and to include these additional factors in the evaluation.

The Performance Ranking is a module of VNCproject and part of our VNClagoon Software Stack.
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About VNCproject:

VNCproject is an open source and web-based project management application based on the Ruby on Rails framework and combines task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis and powerful project planning functions. For more information, please visit

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