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We released version 3.7.0 of VNCproject with lots of new features!

Since a ticket can become very long with a lot of information, we added a floating “Action Bar” to make navigation easier and more comfortable. This toolbar allows users to access the “Save” button and other tools from each part of the ticket – no matter whether the description in the upper part has to be changed or the user wants to add a comment at the end. The Action Bar is the main new feature in a whole bunch of layout improvements for the ticket editing view. Also new is a “New ticket” button in the version/roadmap view of a project. Users can now add tickets to a specific pre-selected roadmap directly. We also redesigned the meta roadmaps and meta task layout.

Some unnecessary kebab menus were removed and we implemented a new design for adding target versions and categories in the mobile version. The Achievements mechanism was also improved: The trophy for solving a ticket now goes to the employee who spent the most time (50% or more) on solving the ticket, no matter which user closes the ticket. Furthermore, we added a new notification feature: We now can receive notifications for versions/roadmaps – for example to inform the marketing team a few days before a new version is released, so they can prepare announcements just in time. We changed the roles of Admins, so they can now open any meta roadmap URL with full permissions, regardless of whether the meta roadmap is shared or not.

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