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VNCtask – Stay organized. Anytime! Anywhere!

Create tasks, manage them, work on complex projects by yourself or in a team, and make sure that tasks are getting done on time. All with one task management tool – on your PC and also as an App (Android and iOS). Our brand new product videos will give you a first glimpse of the rich feature set of VNCtask.

Create Tasks:

Create new tasks quickly and easily – on your desktop or mobile. Creating tasks is easier than ever with the user-friendly interface of VNCtask. Just enter some details such as start date, end date and a comment – and that’s it. You can also link your task to a project from a list of existing projects or assign the task to other users within that project.

Edit Tasks:

You can edit your tasks via the list of tasks. A task has the predefined levels In Progress, Resolved, Closed, Rejected. When a task is completed, you can easily close it with a check mark.

Advanced Search:

Find tasks much faster and with more options. Advanced search features allow you to search for tasks by project, user, field, date, and tag.

VNCtask also provides the possibility to complete tasks with annotations, comments and tags, to clearly display all important components of a task in one place.

See the entire playlist of VNCtask videos here or check out the VNClagoon Website. You can also get free consultation here:

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