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Looking to optimize your IT processes and save valuable resources? The VNCproject Incident Management module is designed to help you to manage IT problems, to classify the urgency of log errors and to establish a knowledge base with suggested solutions.

VNCproject Incident Management is highly flexible and can be adapted to the needs of your company. The fully customizable user interface enables the integration of existing business applications as well as customized fields and workflows. ITIL best practices create the foundation for a well structured process to handle problems and errors.

Some benefits of Incident Management for your business:

  • Save money due to best-practice workflows from customer to you and back
  • Keep track of your incidents with the integrated automatic history for all actions performed on your incidents
  • Quicker resolution time of incidents with the Knowledge Base, which contains solutions for all the incidents you have already worked on
  • Less downtime, less manpower needed and less costs due to easy usage and clear pathways to solve incidents
  • Easy file attachments, comments, queries and clear responsibilities to support the resolution process
  • Best performance according to your needs due to individual escalation levels, reaction times and groups
  • Happier customers, who appreciate the quality of your support

Incident Management – What does that mean?

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) model uses the term “incident management” to describe occurring IT issues from identification to recovery.

An important goal of ITIL is to minimize disruption of the IT Service. This helps IT companies to find the causes of specific incidents. Activities can be planned to improve the condition or to solve the problem and prevent that the incident recurs.

Example: If computers are running out of memory and this condition strikes in the investigation of a problem, the causal problem in the optimal case can be solved before it causes a disruption of service.

The structured investigation helps to find the causes of the problems and “known bugs” can be deducted. These known bugs then help you to solve future problems quicker and reduce your downtime.

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