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In order to be successful, teams need to be perfectly organized.

A key element to be organized is a powerful insight into milestones, deadlines and upcoming events, whatever they may be. VNCcalendar is fed from various backend information systems such as VNCmail, VNCproject, VNCtask and others, integrated as needed. To make VNCcalendar the perfect tool for your daily work, we released version and added many new functionalities.

New features:

    • A new calendar selection:
      We added a calendar selection to the sidebar, so now users can easily select “New Calendar”, “Add External Calendar”, “Check All”, “Clear All”, “Send Free & Busy Link As”, or “Find Shares” in each submenu of the single calendars.
    • Confirmation Popup for deleting objects:
      We all make little mistakes from time to time. To avoid that users accidentally delete events, they now get a popup notification to confirm the decision.
    • Reply all:
      Users can now reply to all participants of an event.
    • Double clicks:
      Events now also open with a double click
    • Automated message editing when cancelling an event:
      If a user cancels an event, a notification popup will ask for confirmation. Afterwards, the message editor opens with a predefined „The following meeting has been cancelled:“ message, which of course can be changed.
    • Snooze/Dismiss All:
      We added a functionality to cancel/mute notifications for several events at once. This is convenient, for example after your vacation when you receive several notifications about events which were previously set to repeat weekly.
    • New layout for unshared calendars:
      If a user retracts a calendar invitation the access will be denied for the users he selected. These users will see the calendar marked as crossed out and if they click on the calendar they will get a confirmation popup asking them whether the unshared calendar should be deleted from their left sidebar.
    • Added an option to forward events from the kebab menu
    • Added syncing for shared calendars


We improved the color scheme for the events in the calendar view, the “New/Edit appointment” layout and the the “list view” layout (mobile).


  • We removed the ‘VNC calendar’ running notification
  • Fixed the reminder popup time option
  • Fixed the deleting option in the the appointment’s preview menu
  • [Desktop] improved creating event behavior
  • Improved the behavior of checking/unchecking calendars in the list view
  • Improved the profile display in shared appointment previews
  • [Desktop] Fixed the calendar rights for Check & uncheck events
  • Improved the “unshare / delete popup” layout

Of course these changes are available in the VNCcalendar integration of VNCmail, too.

Please see the list of all changes in our Release Notes – you can also see changes of our other products like VNCmail or VNCtalk there.

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VNCcalendar is one of the core components within the VNClagoon software stack.

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