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We recently released VNCproject versions and

What’s new?

Most changes focus on productivity-enhancing design and layout changes for the Agile Board, the Meta Roadmap Planning and the User Interface of our enterprise project management software VNCproject.

With our recent VNCproject release we updated the sorting UI for the Agile Board. The content of the eCards in the Agile Board is more distinctly arranged now, information is represented at one glance, and every user obtains a speedy overview about planned tasks, priorities and overdue tickets.

Easily structure your own or your team’s work day or week in the Agile Board. Check tasks, move tickets to a different date, change assignment, status or priority and react in time in case of overdue tasks. You always have the choice between editing the eCards of the tickets directly in the Agile Board, e.g. if you want to change the due date, or opening the tickets via “Edit” for more complex or extensive changes.

In version we also added Agile Card Mentions for better visibility of mentions in the Agile Board: If a team member is mentioned in a ticket via our @mention function, you can now see a red notification dot in the eCard of the respective ticket in your agile board.

Further changes: We improved the layout of the profile page for user accounts, the Dashboard UI, the expand / collapse behavior on ticket and meta task pages, the layout of the project portfolio page and the UI of the project selector. The moving of eCards in the Agile Board (e.g. to a different date / column) is now highlighted by a fade animation, when the user drops the card.

Please check some of the new features and changes of VNCproject version in the Slider:

VNCproject Agile Board

VNCproject Agile Board

VNCproject Portfolio Page

VNCproject Portfolio Page

VNCproject Dashboard

VNCproject Dashboard

VNCproject Profile Information

VNCproject Profile Information

VNCproject Agile Card Mentions

The updated News Module

Improved Dashboard menu

Information about further improvements, changes and bugfixes in VNCproject versions and 4.0.53 can be found in our Release Notes.

VNC is offering one of the most powerful tools for project and product management in the market. And this is just the beginning! We have plenty of features and functions still to come. So stay tuned!

About VNCproject: The browser-based, open and fully customizable solution leaves nothing to be desired: VNCproject combines task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis and powerful project planning features. Having all these different features in one single project management tool enables you to work as fast and efficiently as never before.

The Agile Board within our 360 degree project management solution VNCproject supports the self-organisation of team members as it helps to manage the workload of team members, to optimize the assignment of tickets and to prioritize tasks. The Agile Board also gives team managers an excellent overview about open tasks, about work progress within a defined time frame and the progress within a project.

The Meta Roadmap Planning in VNCproject enables each developer, lead developer or product and project manager to stay in control at any point in time, even in complex projects, where detailed planning within tickets and roadmaps covers long periods of time and numerous tasks.

Please find further information about VNCproject HERE.


VNCproject is part of our VNClagoon Business Software Stack

With all our products, the security of your data is of utmost importance. Keep important information where it belongs – within your company!

About VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG
VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG, based in Switzerland, Germany and India, is a leading developer of open source-based enterprise applications and positions itself as an open and secure alternative to the established software giants. With VNClagoon, the organization with its global open source developer community has created an integrated product suite for enterprises, characterized by high security, state-of-the-art technology and low TCO. VNC’s customers include system integrators and telcos as well as large enterprises and institutions.

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