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You need a better overview of ongoing projects and a more flexible allocation of human resources? VNCproject is an innovative solution for your project management with extensive functions. Therefore, we would like to present the advantages of VNCproject for your internal cooperation in Part 3 of our series.

VNC project is not only used for working with customers, but also optimizes the collaboration of employees within a company, both in “classic” as well as in virtual teams. Team members and management stay up to date on current project progress and can be consulted if needed. The ability to consult with other team members during a complex situation will speed up your work progress significantly and the gained knowledge can be shared quickly and effectively.

Ticket Management:
The clear structure of the VNCproject ticket system gives team members a perfect overview of ongoing and past activities and supports prioritization of pending tasks with colored markers. Gantt charts facilitate time management and help to estimate the expected completion of a project. Questions can be individually assigned to team members. The current status of a ticket is clearly displayed, with all history information available.

Time sheets:
With the help of tickets your company’s employees can record their working hours, which then will show which project or task took how much of their time. Therefore, resources can be redistributed or work processes can be adapted. A separate tool for time recording is no longer needed, you can plan effectively within a single application.

File Management
VNCproject enables its users to attach documents, media, images or other files to tickets and tasks. These are available to all users who are engaged with the respective tickets or project.

The clearly structured calendar gives each employee an overview of upcoming tasks and deadlines. So each employee can plan his/her workload and inform colleagues about spare capacity.

Wiki functionality:
The Wiki feature is a powerful tool, as it provides access to documentation and already acquired knowledge. This not only speeds up problem solving, but also helps in the training of new employees.

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