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VNCproject Version and Version released – Introduction of VNCproject Robot Planning

The Agile Board within our 360 degree project management solution VNCproject serves the purpose to promote the self-organisation of team members. The Agile Board helps you to manage your own workload and the workload of team members, to optimize the assignment of tickets and to prioritize tasks.

We are continuously improving the Agile Board functionalities and have now reached another milestone in the history of VNC software development. With the release of VNCproject versions and we are now introducing VNCproject Robot Planning to support management, teams and individual team members even better during the planning and distribution of tasks.

Our new virtual team members Vincent & Vincenta will appear whenever necessary to help keep the user’s Agile Board under control and efficient.

Keep your work capacity up to date with VNCproject Robot Planning!

VNCproject Robot Planning

At the start of a working day, when a user opens the Agile Board in VNCproject, now robot planning comes into action and the user is prompted to update the daily capacity for all working days of the week starting from the current date (max. 5 days planning) with a pop-up.

Vincent / Vincenta will be triggered at the first login of the day, and they ask if the user wants to update his/her capacity and availability for the next [x] days. The value of [x] will be changed based on the remaining working days of the week.

When a user agrees to update the planning for this work week, the current date will be highlighted and the user can define his/her capacity and availability with the “time range” per day. The start time and end time of the working days can be selected from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm in 30-minute cycles. This time will be aligned with the user’s timezone. The time range from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm is a customization of our choice, of course it can also be adapted to a 24 hour time range, for example for shift workers.

There is also a pie chart, showing the availability during the day (grey) and the capacity (orange). The users can change their capacity or availability and this becomes immediately visible in the pie chart.

In VNCproject Version we have added reminder options for the capacity planning, which now allow you to postpone the planning process to a more convenient time and to activate a more precise display of tickets. Our robot will now tell you exactly which problems may have occurred during your work on a ticket, such as overbooked time, an exceeded due date and more. This happens by highlighting the problematic areas and also by a step by step process through the ticket. We also changed the layout of several buttons to further improve the user experience.

In Version we added a new design for the “My Capacity” box in the Agile Board, improved the roles and permissions in the VNCproject recruitment tool and added inline editing options for meta task related tickets. The date picker has a new workflow and the robot planning received a new progress bar. Read more in our release notes.

Version contains a few more user-oriented changes and features. We automated the time capacity fields, so the end time will be 8 hours after the entered start time by default (of course, you can overwrite these values) and the capacity management pop-up has a new design now. The Agile Board workflow was changed as well, so in case there’s only one entry in a group chat, it won’t collapse automatically. With several bugfixes we additionally improved the date changing of tickets, the meta tasks and the agile cards.



VNC is offering one of the most powerful tools for project and product management in the market. And this is just the beginning! We have plenty of features and functions still to come. So stay tuned!

About VNCproject: The browser-based, open and fully customizable solution leaves nothing to be desired: VNCproject combines task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis and powerful project planning features. Having all these different features in one single project management tool enables you to work as fast and efficiently as never before.

Please find more info about VNCproject HERE.

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