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November 15, 2019

Today we released a new version of VNCmail with lots of amazing new features.

For example, we created a completely new menu layout for the VNCcontacts tab and improved the warning notifications for the „delete contact list“ option.

We also added new warning notifications for renaming items, when the new name contains invalid characters.

There are several completely new functionalities, too. Users can now create, edit and print contact groups and add new documents to their briefcase folder. Another new feature is the access to VNCcontacts via the App Switching Screen.

For the mobile version we implemented an option to answer emails directly from the push-notifications.

Since VNCcalendar is integrated in VNCmail, you might be interested in our latest VNCcalendar update which you will find in our Blog.

We also made several changes and fixed some bugs. Read about all new features and changes in our Release Notes!

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