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The Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia (EKBO) has published a very professional and insightful video presenting the project “church intranet for the federal state” (LKI, landeskirchenweites Intranet).

EKBO’s national church-wide intranet (LKI) is based on the VNClagoon product suite. It is intended to strengthen communication and cooperation within the national church. The overall objective of “LKI” is to enable all full-time employees and volunteers of the national church to access an innovative, modern and uniform communication and work infrastructure.

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EKBO uses the complete VNClagoon software stack in a highly individualized version with a customized layout and lots of specialized additional functionalities developed by VNC, of course implemented highly secure with personalized authentication and user registration.

Please read the case study of the LKI project here.

Some quotes of the LKI users:

“As emergency pastoral care we are requested by the fire department and the police in missions and there it is totally important for us to be enabled to communicate safely on the go with each other, and therefore to be allowed to communicate with each other. And that’s why the national church-wide intranet (LKI) is a useful tool for us. First, it offers the chat function via EKBO Dialog for us and second, we can store our files to organize ourselves. We can use the document storage, the “safe”, because we are working very decentralized.”

Commissioner EKBO Emergency pastoral care

“The advantage is that you can access from many places. … You can work with different devices simultaneously.”


“More and more users are actively using the “Safe” area to send and share large files.”

Church district Prignitz

“I can use the intranet on my cell phone. I can be very mobile, act very quickly and respond to different requests. And I also try to send a lot of data with it. So we work a lot with sensitive data and that simply helps me to send personal data with a clean conscience”


“We see the greatest advantage in having all documents available online. We get almost everything as an e-mail attachment now or access online data ourselves, so that we really have an online working level for everyone. … so that the documents are available in different places … and that the data protection requirements are always met.”

Church congregation employee, Berlin, Am Weinberg


There are many reasons why EKBO chose VNClagoon.

VNClagoon provides full collaboration capabilities (comparable with standard closed-source applications like Office 365 or Google Apps), but with the following key benefits:

  • open standards, open source platforms
  • state-of-the-art user interfaces (web clients and apps)
  • technological advantage
  • comprehensive range of functionalities
  • security, auditability
  • operation in own data center (private cloud)
  • data security, data sovereignty
  • easy adaptability to future requirements
  • integration with other systems thanks to open interfaces
  • investment security for years
  • economic advantages (TCO)

Specifically, the implemented VNClagoon products include a complex start and (self-) registration page with extensive administrative functions, VNCmail (groupware functionalities), VNCsafe (file sync & share), VNCofficeVNCproject (ITIL based support portal for users) and VNCtalk (“EKBO Dialog”).

A special highlight within the LKI is the implementation of “EKBO Dialog” (based on VNCtalk) as a safe alternative to WhatsApp, Skype or similar messenger services, which shall not be used in the church for privacy reasons. EKBO Dialog allows secure and confidential communication via chat, audio / video conferencing, screen sharing, file transfer and many other functions.

We are very pleased to see our VNClagoon products in productive use at EKBO and are very proud of the positive feedback from the “LKI” users.

Watch the video right here in our blog:

The state church intranet can be reached at this address:

General information about the project can be found at:

Please download the Case Study here:

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