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The latest version of VNCtask comes with several new features and some changes.

Our new offline features can be very useful in all cases when the Internet connection is not stable, especially when traveling. With our new VNCtask version you can write your comments offline in your tickets and they will be synchronized when you‘re back online. To make VNCtask even more comfortable, we added a new filter, so you can show closed tasks only within a task list.

VNCtask now also offers Push Notification support on iOS,  Push Notifications for overdue tasks, and received a new highlighting feature which will mark updated fields as blinking.

We also changed some workflows and layouts. Therefore, after completing a task, you now will automatically return to your task list. The layout of the comment field has been improved, as well as the notifications on iOS and the Push Notifications format. And you will now receive notifications for deleted and removed tasks as well.

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