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The “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” released an article about the efficient distribution of workload. (Source: dpa)

Too little time for too many tasks – this leads to overtime and is stressful for employees. To prevent stress symptoms such as concentration problems, teams can introduce a “workload barometer”. This is the advice of the German Institute for Workplace Health Counselling (IFBG).

The workload barometer should show transparently how much workload is assigned to each team member. This allows resources to be better planned and helps avoiding overload.

Do quick tasks immediately!

In addition, the Institute’s experts advise employees to use simple tricks to structure their day-to-day work better. This includes, for example, immediately carrying out tasks that can be completed within two minutes.

In order to be able to work through to-dos without interruption, you should block times when you deliberately do not accept appointments. It is also helpful to keep your e-mail inbox closed and your mobile phone muted during these phases.

You will find the link to the article at the end of this blog post.

Our solution: The VNC Agile Board

VNC has integrated the Agile Board into the project management tool VNCproject in order to promote the self-organisation of team members.

7 advantages of the VNC Agile Board in the planning / distribution of tasks:

  • Clear presentation of all tasks planned for a particular day per employee.
  • Team members or supervisors can also see which tasks a team member has already planned for a particular day.
  • Tasks to be assigned can thus take the existing workload into account and consider the capacity available per day (in hours) set by the employee.
  • Relevance of tasks and Estimated Time is visible.
  • Drag and drop tasks to make rescheduling as easy as possible.
  • Weekly and daily capacity as well as the working time already spent (number of hours) are clearly displayed.
  • Tickets (tasks) can be edited directly from the Agile Board.

The Agile Board enables all team members to reach their full potential and supports them in working in an organized, structured and therefore efficient way. Correct and regular updates of the Agile Board allow much better planning and reduce stress and overload.

Collective prioritisation

Even good planning will probably not always avoid the situation that the estimated time of the planned tasks in a week exceeds the agreed working time or that tasks require more time than originally planned.

Since the individual tasks (tickets) are represented in the Agile Board in the form of neat To-Do Cards, the tasks can (in our experience: should) be prioritized together in the team or with the Team Manager. The To-Do Cards with the planned tasks can easily be moved to another time by drag and drop.

The Agile Board is a function of the project management software VNCproject.

VNC offers one of the most powerful project and product management tools on the market. And this is just the beginning! We are already planning further exciting features and functions for you.

About VNCproject: The browser-based, open and fully customizable solution leaves nothing to be desired: VNCproject combines task and ticket management, planning, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time recording, wikis and powerful project planning functions. With all these different functions in a single project management tool, you can work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

With VNCproject you keep your projects in focus and your customers are more satisfied than ever before.

You can find more information about VNCproject on our Website. Or contact us:

Sueddeutsche Zeitung: Distribute task load with load barometer

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