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The freedom to work wherever you are. On any device. Secure, efficient and focused. – with VNClagoon


What exactly is the VNClagoon business software stack?

First of all, VNClagoon isn’t just a technical concept, but a strategy. The world is becoming increasingly virtual. To attract smart people around the globe and collaborate as efficiently as possible in teams and in your entire organization you don’t need “just another software product” but a super professional business software stack. Bullet-proof and most importantly secure, to make sure you stay in full control over your data!

All our products can be hosted on premise (in your own IT infrastructure), in our VNC datacenter or in a secure datacenter of your choice.

VNCmail, VNCtalk, VNCsafe – the names already give an idea of what we have created here: a fully equipped stack for communication and collaboration in companies and public institutions, which not only focuses on security but also on flexibility.  

The VNClagoon business software stack offers modular functionalities according to your individual requirements: email client, calendar, cloud storage, business messenger, video conferences, task and contact management up to complete and complex project management software. The entire system is designed for growth with increasing or changing requirements. This enables us to offer each customer an individual business suite and, if required, to expand it or modify it.

Due to the intelligent layout, VNClagoon can also be adapted to any corporate identity and thus meets all visual requirements of the customer. This will support your Marketing and HR to strengthen your brand.

Our many years of experience with Open Source have enabled us to generate a completely new, enhanced, supported and secure product suite from the best Open Source technologies.

Please find more information about the VNClagoon business software stack strategy, technologies and products in our whitepaper.

Just send an email with the subject “Whitepaper” to and you’ll receive your copy right back.


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