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Do you have a firm grip on your project management?

VNCproject is an innovative solution for project management and contains a number of amazing features. Therefore we would like to present the various aspects in a series of upcoming blog posts. Part 1 of the series begins with an overview of the key functions.

VNCproject is a web based solution, which is suited for project management both in the classical method as well as the agile method. VNCproject comes with Gantt-Charts, Road Maps, documentation over the whole project flow as well as cost and progress analysis, support management via ticket system and ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). This combination allows clear and detailed project management.

The agile method allows sprint planning, test case management and access to code repositories with features for live commits, checkouts, reviews and comments.

Not only the customer as a user of the Project Planning & Support Portal is benefiting from the smooth and clearly structured processes, but so are staff and project managers involved in each project. Support roles have a perfect overview of current developments, costs and deadlines at any time.

VNCproject consists of several components, which we would like to introduce to you in detail in the following blog posts:

  • Support Desk with ticket management and ITIL knowledge data base (Suggested solutions for problems encountered already, which are managed in a database)
  • Project management tool for internal cooperation, team management and clearly structured goal-oriented processes
  • EVM – Earned Value Management
  • Timesheets – for the management of human resources, export of files as CSV or PDF is possible
  • Workload: better planing through clear structured workload display of each employee

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