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We at VNC are the designers, developers, testers and also first users of our VNClagoon products. Our team is working with our products productively in various departments, e.g. software development, project management, accounting, controlling and sales. Many new features of our products originated within our team.

Therefore, we’d like to share some hands on VNClagoon experiences within our team.

In this testimonial the Chief Operating Officer of VNC – Virtual Network Consult AG, Dheeraj Sareen, shares his opinion about using IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in VNCproject.

The benefits of using ITIL in VNCproject

The VNCproject Helpdesk Module is designed to help us to manage IT problems, to classify the urgency of log errors and to establish a knowledge base with suggested solutions.
VNC has been providing services to leading customers world-wide for more than a decade. In the past 3 years, we recognized the need to employ more mature frameworks, as improving operations and efficiency became a primary focus for us. Our intrinsic goal is to “be the best” at what we do, so we decided to implement proven ITIL practices in support services.

We decided to develop an ITIL helpdesk module inhouse as a part of VNCproject and to cover various ITIL modules in steps. Incident and request management was the first process implemented by us. This was due to the nature of the VNC business model, as we are providing support to our customers for many of our VNClagoon technologies. This requires a very responsive services department, that can support multiple customers across different technologies with widely varying implementations.

With regards to Incident Management, we did a lot of behind the scene process improvement to provide fast response and resolution times to our customers, round the clock. We implemented SLA best practices based on industry standards and also coached our support team in ITIL best practices.

We were able to implement effective monitoring and tracking systems that helped to solve issues in a cost effective manner.

After implementing the ITIL framework in VNCproject, the results were quite remarkable within 6 months. We have a single point of communication with all our clients via our VNCproject helpdesk module and we managed to reduce resolution time for over 95% of our incidents during this period.

Another important benefit was to create an extensive knowledge base for common customer queries. This helped our customers too, as they were able to search common problems in the knowledge base and to solve issues by themselves.

To sum up, we were able to improve our customer relationships without receiving any complaints related to support. This certainly helps to strengthen our reputation and brand.

Dheeraj Sareen

Chief Operating Officer, VNC - Virtual Network Consult AG

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