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VNCchannels Version 1.2 presents itself with beautiful layout improvements which increase the usability and accessibility of your Channels and Topics. And we added several major new features to make your VNCchannels experience even more efficient and productive.

Smartlinks and Interlinkage

Let us describe the concept behind Smartlinks.
Kevin Kelly described the phenomenon of “interlinkage” in his book “The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future”:

“But today most of us have become People of the Screen. People of the Screen tend to ignore the classic logic of books or the reverence for copies; they prefer the dynamic flux of pixels. They gravitate toward movie screens, TV screens, computer screens, iPhone screens, VR goggle screens, tablet screens, and in the near future massive Day-Glo megapixel screens plastered on every surface. Screen culture is a world of constant flux, of endless sound bites, quick cuts, and half-baked ideas. It is a flow of tweets, headlines, instagrams, casual texts, and floating first impressions. Notions don’t stand alone but are massively interlinked to everything else; truth is not delivered by authors and authorities but is assembled in real time piece by piece by the audience themselves. People of the Screen make their own content and construct their own truth. Fixed copies don’t matter as much as flowing access. Screen culture is fast, like a 30-second movie trailer, and as liquid and open-ended as a Wikipedia page.”

Kevin Kelly: “The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future”, Page 87

Smartlinks in VNClagoon are manifestations of the concept of “interlinkage”.

Smartlinks are a way to interlink every bit of content (text, image, etc.) within your VNCchannels Topics with any kind of internal or external content imaginable. You do that easily while you’re drafting your Topic text in the rich text editor. You can add multiple Smartlinks to any content in your Topic. There is no need to limit your thought process. Thus, you have a way to let your imagination flow and relate your text with other VNClagoon content in Topics, Channels, Tasks, Mails, Tickets and more. And of course, you can interlink your text with any kind of external content such as tweets, social media posts, websites, instagrams, weblinks or any imaginable content.
When you hover over a Smartlink, a preview of the Smartlink object pops up, so you don’t waste your time with clicking around.

Smartlink Menu, advanced Search and multiple Smartlinks

We added a Smartlink Menu for the Topic description, so when you select a text section a tooltip for Smartlinks is displayed. We enabled multiple Smartlinks to any content. Furthermore, we added sophisticated advanced search functionalities with various filters in Smartlinks to find the exact content you want to interlink with. For example you can search for a term within a Topic, Channel, Comment, Chat, File etc., which was created by a special user, within a certain timeframe, is read, unread or archived and more parameters. We also added a Tag based search.

Preview your Smartlinks

Embed Smartlinks in any text

Easy navigation

Smartlink smart search

New UI for the files tab

You can send every object straight to a friend

Just pick a file and subject and add some text...

...pick a user from the list or use the search bar and there you go!

Smart Search and Filters

With VNCchannels Version 1.2 we improved the Smart Search which now integrates Tags and Smartlinks in the search parameters. The Advanced Search makes it now easier to find content as we added various filters to slice and dice the search content.
We added filter chips below the Channels tab for public, private, subscribed, and all Channels.

UI/UX improvements

We implemented a new User Interface in the Files tab: The right side menu now offers file search, multi-selection, sorting by topic, by date and by user as well as an option to switch between list and grid view. The VNCchannels user experience will be even smoother with our new + topic tile on the Channels detail page to add new topics, with sorting archived Channels and Topics by username, with popups to unarchive Channels, unarchive Topics, participants, and a new kebab menu for the channel grid view. We also added a new option to the right-sidebar to expand the right-side panel and a new image/file loader.

Share content easily

In Version 1.2 we added a “send to” option in the files context menu. Now it’s really easy to send files from VNCchannels via URL and share the content created in Channels and Topics with team members or other contacts. You can send the URL via chat (VNCtalk) or by email with “Email to a friend”.

Share your feedback!

We hope you like our new release of VNCchannels as much as we do. Feedback and suggestions for improvements are always greatly appreciated. Please drop us a note in the comment field below or send an email to Or schedule your personal demo here.

Bring your community, your virtual or hybrid team together and collaborate productively. Share ideas, discuss animatedly, come to conclusions, reach decisions and move forward with a common purpose. This is how innovation happens!

VNCchannels – generate and grow knowledge – collaboratively!

VNCchannels can be used as a stand-alone product or it can be integrated seamlessly in VNCtalkVNCproject or VNCgroupware, wherever you like.

Further information about VNCchannels can be found here. Please also check out our VNCchannels youtube video and read our blogpost introducing VNCchannels: Generate ideas and create content with VNCchannels!

VNCchannels is available as Web Client, Desktop Client and App.

With all our products, the security of your data is our top priority. Keep important information where it belongs – within your organization’s control!

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