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We released the latest version of VNCmail, which contains several fixes and improvements for our business email software:

  • The Sentry code was improved
  • Mails are deleted without reloading the page, the workflow was further optimized here.
  • The user interface for the mobile and web view of the contact list was further improved.
  • The back button in the contacts tab works faster now.
  • Optimized focus: when creating new mails or folders, the focus is set to the respective text fields automatically.
  • Design improvements: Loading Spinner icon now available when loading more mails or contacts.
  • The view of the folder icons was improved.
  • Optimized mail filter creation in the VNCuxf interface.
  • Improved drop down menus.
  • German Translations were extended and optimized.
  • Easier import of contacts in the VNCuxf interface.
  • Optimized mail view.
  • Improved design for multi-selection in the briefcase tab.
  • Improved downloads for the briefcase tab.
  • Improved links for mail content.
  • Manual Re-Login fixed: Token is created automatically after the validity period has expired.

If you like to read more about VNCmail please visit our Website or contact us via email.

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