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The new features mainly focus on the layout and usability of our innovative business email platform VNCmail. So, we added a color overlay in the preferences section to highlight objects the mouse points at to get a clean overview. We added a new field to the „rename“ option in the Briefcase tab so it is now impossible to create file names without ending, which would result in an „unknown file type“ error message.

Another new feature is an automatic saving process for the folder menu. So if you reload VNCmail, the folders you collapsed or expanded will appear as you left them on your last login to VNCmail. You can also handle different personas in VNCmail, e.g. for answering emails to different contacts with more than one of your connected email addresses. We also optimized the persona handling.

In addition to these new features, we have fixed some minor bugs, mostly in layout and translations.

You can get the full overview over all changes in our Release Notes.

Read all about VNCmail on our website!

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