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Following the apps VNCtask and VNCtalk, which have been published in the well-known Appstores recently, our apps VNCcontacts and VNCmail will also be released shortly.

More information about our apps can be found HERE..

Take advantage of the VNClagoon products in the future even more efficiently with our app versions. Time to be creative! Wherever you are.

What’s so special about the front-end technologies from VNClagoon and our apps?
The magic ingredient is VNCuxf: a completely new frontend with desktop client, responsive web client and apps for Android and iOS – on one codebase!

Our aim was to have a single code base for every operating system, browser and client. This seemed to be completely impossible just a few years ago. The vision of not having to manage several SDKs, operating systems, browsers, and devices individually due to the use of a hybrid toolset seemed illusory.

But we at VNC made our bet. And we succeeded.

All our products can be easily and flexibly adapted to different environments. This allows us to offer our stack as an OEM and branded version. In addition, we can easily customize the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to meet the needs and requirements of any industry.

What are the benefits?

  • Easy and fast customization and improvement of the VNCuxf frontend.
  • All our products and clients – desktop client, responsive web client or app – communicate with the backend through an abstract Restful API.
  • As backend products, we have selected leading open source technologies and products that allow almost infinite improvements in frontend capabilities.
  • All our products can be seamlessly integrated into the frontend.
  • This enables intelligent workflows and processes – even as PWA (progressive web apps), without the need to download an app.
  • High quality standards of our products through CD / CI procedures (Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration).
  • Automatic tests for all our products.
  • High ROI for partners and customers because fast adjustments in the frontend are possible.

Would you like to know more or are you interested in being a reseller for our products? Contact us!

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