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Again, we added some more new essential functionalities to make VNCcalendar more convenient and powerful. We added the following features:

  1. Events can now be moved via drag&drop between different calendars.
  2. Instead of an empty list, VNCcalendar now shows a „no results found“ message, when no objects with the entered search term were found.
  3. Time zones: Users can now set time zones with a dropdown menu in each appointment.
  4. Event duplicates: Sometimes it is useful to clone an event and change just a few of the already entered details. With version 2.0.0-117 events and appointments can be copied.
  5. „Show Original“: This feature allows to open the plain text information via right-click on the appointment.
  6. Objects can be restored from the Kebab Menu inside the trash folder now

We also fixed a small bug concerning access rights in the drag&drop functionality.

Please see the list of all changes in our Release Notes – you can also see changes of our other products like VNCmail or VNCtalk there.

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